Online Poker Tournaments Explained

Online Poker Tournaments Explained by Pokerlauncher Playing free tournaments or Satta online games with money in poker online is a growing sport and it is also now one of the most famous and well-known ways by which players experience poker. However, it is important to know that although poker free tournaments may seem to be very similar to cash games in poker online, they are very unique and different in their own way. Everything from the entree fee to the rake structure to the rules of the game is also different for cash games and tournaments at the poker table. Not just poker, even other cad games such as cash rummy games, call bridge games (also known as call break online), and even tash wala games like 3 Patti sequence and 2 3 5 games have their own set of rules, playstyles, and hosting of tournaments and casual games. In this article, we shall explore more into the world of poker free tournaments and also Satta online tournaments in poker with real money, discuss how these tournaments are held, and compare them to the regular casual cash games. The topics covered in this article are:

1. How are Tournaments Different From Cash Games?
2. Entree Fees, and Types of Tournaments
3. Rules for the Poker Table during Tournaments
4. Conclusion

1. How are Tournaments Different From Cash Games?

Although the basic gameplay for cash games and poker tournaments is almost the same, there are plenty of other differences that help a player distinguish between both game forms. Some of them have been mentioned below:

1. In poker cash games, there are games that are randomly played on tables, not having any relation to each other. In Poker free tournaments, however, games agave a certain order, and people playing on different tables at a time might be playing together in the upcoming rounds based on the structure of gameplay.
2. In cash games, different players compete in different games for multiple pots, and hence, they are required to buy in for every individual game. In poker online tournaments, however, players are needed to pay only the buy-in amount which is the total amount that is needed to play the tournament, and hence, the maximum amount of money they can lose is also only the buy-in amount.
3. In poker cash games, players have the option of quitting the game and leaving the table at any point in time, getting money in return for chips that they hold at that particular point in time. In poker tournaments, however, players cannot quit as they please and no amount of the buy-in shall be refunded, mostly because the buy-in amount of the players is used as prize money and also for the overhead expenses of the website.
4. Finally, if a player loses their chips and money during the cash games, they can simply go to the cashier and buy more chips in return for cash. In poker tournaments, however, the buy-in amount is the only amount that is accepted and players are not allowed to go back and get more chips in case they lose the chips that were given to them at the start of the tournament.

2. Entree Fees, and Types of Tournaments

There is generally an entree fee that is taken by the poker sites that are hosting tournaments in order for a player to participate in said tournaments. However, there are also some free poker tournaments that are held by many websites which have a lesser amount of prize money and are free for all players to participate. In Cash games, the rake for each game is collected by the online poker site from the total pot prize money or individually from each player for the amount of time they play the game. However, in poker tournaments for many games besides poker like the spades card game, solitaire games play online and even free online games UNO, the rake money is taken from the entree fee itself.
There are also many types of tournaments in the poker industry, and each structure of the tournaments is unique and different from the other. Some of the types of poker online tournaments are as follows:

A. Freezeout Tournaments

This is a type of poker tournament where each player is allowed to only buy in just once. This means that after purchase if any player runs out of poker chips, they cannot simply go and buy chips as they can during cash games. At this point, their tournament is considered to be over and they will lose all the buy-in amount that they had paid as entree fees in order to enter the tournament.

B. Rebuy Tournaments

A rebuy tournament is that type of poker tournament wherein a player is allowed to buy more chips only at a specific mentioned period of time and only when the total number of chips that they hold at a particular time falls below a certain pre-mentioned amount or when they have no chips left to participate further in games. In order to get a rebuy, players are required to purchase additional buy-ins which cost equal to the first buy-in that they paid for entering the tournament, with sometimes that amount excluding the rake amount that is taken by the poker site.

C. Re-entry Tournaments

The last type of poker tournament that we shall discuss in this article is the re-entry tournament. This form of the tournament is pretty similar to what it sounds like, with the players being permitted to join back into the tournament after running out of chips. Although this may sound pretty similar to the rebuy tournament, the major difference between the rebuy and the re-entry tournaments is that in this form of money-based or free tournaments, players are required to get eliminated before they can buy in again and rejoin the tournament. An additional negative aspect of this tournament as compared to the re-entry tournaments is that players do not get their original seats. Instead, they are treated as a new player and seated accordingly. The cost of re-entry is often equal to the full buy-in amount of the poker tournament.

3. Rules for the Poker Table during Tournaments

The rules for different poker tournaments are more or less the same as regular cash game rules and regulations. However, they have an added set of rules just for the purpose of maintaining the decorum of the tournament. They are as follows:

A. Registration Rules

The registrations for all players must be done before the start of the tournament, usually, the time for each poker tournament is informed to the participants by the poker site that is hosting the tournament. Additionally, it is mandatory that all games proceed in the time structure that is prepared for the tournament, with all players playing only the games that they are assigned. This is done to ensure that the whole tournament is played out smoothly and in order. This is a rule that is common also for other card games like spider solitaire online play, cash rummy games, and other satta online tournaments.

B. Elimination Rules

Helping other players, interfering with other ongoing games, using third-party software to play games, and trying to hand over their position to another player playing on behalf of them are all against the rules and regulations of poker tournaments and the players shall immediately be kicked from the tournament, and sometimes even get charged a fine for attempting to break the tournament rules of a poker game.

C. Chat Rules

If players are found helping other players, revealing their hands-on chat, or even revealing how powerful their hand is, they can get disqualified from the game. Even attempting to threaten other players on the table and using foul language can land people in bans and fines.

D. Decision Timer

A decision timer is generally a timer that is allotted to players to make their decision of folding, calling, or raising their hand. If any player in the game is unable to take a decision in the given time, their hand is automatically considered to have folded and the turn skips to the next person on the table.

E. Dealing in Games

The dealing in games is done by the dealer only, with the player on the left of the dealer starting the game off with their hand till all the players have played their hands all the way to the player seated to the right of the dealer.


Poker tournaments have been held for quite a long time now, with games getting more and more grand and sophisticated with time. Cash games and casual free tournaments are great for the players but it is the proper online poker tournaments that sets a stage for the best players in the world to prove their talent, and also act as a platform for all the poker enthusiasts to unite and support the sport, watch it grow and be a part of the poker legacy. We hope that this article was able to help provide information to you on how exactly poker tournaments work, including their different types, costs, and the different rules the games. However, as a poker player, one thing that you must always remember is that a great player is not simply born, but created with the help of knowledge practice, and determination. Not everyone can become a great poker player, but a great poker player can come from anywhere.


1. What are the different types of tournaments in online poker?

The different types of tournaments in online poker are based on the type of game, duration, etc. Some of the existing tournaments are:
1. Freezeout tournaments
2. Multi-Buy Tournaments
3. Freeroll Tournaments

2. How long does an online poker tournament last?

The duration of a poker tournament is determined by the number of games and the type of games that are played in the championship. Some tournaments have been known to finish in just under a couple of hours, whereas there are other poker tournaments that have been known to Run for weeks.

3. Can you make a living from playing in tournaments?

There are many Indian poker players who have made their career playing online poker games and participating in tournaments. Making a career out of your poker skill is definitely possible; however you need to be passionate about the game, stick to practice, and contain a desire to pursue this passion full time.

4. Does taking risks in games guarantee rewards?

The saying “high risks and higher rewards” definitely stands true in the case of online poker. However, players must make sure that the risks they take are well calculated and not out of thin air. In this manner, they will be able to make sure that they do not end up at a complete loss.

5. How can I become a better poker player?

The practice of the game is important, but having sufficient game knowledge and understanding of the different strategies that players use to win games is also necessary as it helps you improve gameplay and become a more efficient player as compared to your opponent.

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