Poker Tournament Variants

Poker Tournament Variants listed by Pokerlauncher The game Poker has several different variants. The most popular among them is the Texas Holdem poker. The popularity of this particular poker game has increased immensely over the past few years, and professional players also indulge in this variant while playing the World Series. With time, categories of Poker, both online and offline, have had many variants. The three main types of poker games are- draw stud and community. Often, the dealer decides on which variant of the poker game is to be played. In the case of online Poker, however, the popular form is the get-go variant of Poker. Although there are many variations in Poker, the rules and pattern of play associated with all of them are similar. For instance, the poker hand rankings stay the same for all varieties of Poker, be it online or offline.

Poker tournaments are held on online platforms to attract users to certain online poker websites due to their exciting and intense nature and huge cash prizes, which are up for grabs. There is a wide variety of poker tournaments, and it can sometimes get overwhelming to keep track of all tournaments and decide on which one is the best for you. Following is the list of the various types of Poker tournaments in which the reader can choose to participate.

1. Knockout

Under the Knockout tournaments, also known as Bounty tournaments, players win cash prizes for every opponent player that they 'knockout' from the Tournament. This Tournament is named as Bounty tournament as every player gets a bounty on his head which is separate from the main prize pool of the Tournament. Hence, the biggest incentive for the players to participate in such a tournament is that even if they do not win or make it to the final round, they might still end up winning some amount of money by winning over some opponents. The player who is the last one standing, of the winner of the game will have the total bounty as his prize amount.

2. Progressive Knockout

The difference between knockout and progressive knockout tournaments is that the amount of bounty placed on each player is not fixed for every player, as is the case with the former type of Tournament. Under progressive Tournament, the player stands to win fifty percent of the total bounty amount whenever he knocks out an opponent player. The leftover fifty percent gets added as a part of your own bounty. As the tournament proceeds, players with higher knockouts will be worth an increased amount of bounty. Thus the longer a player is in the game the higher the value of his bounty. The winner of the game is the one who has knocked out everyone will have his bounty value credited to his account as winnings.

3. Win the Button

Under the basic poker game, the dealer button starts with the player placed on the left hand side of the dealer and moves clockwise from that position back to the dealer. The player who has the dealer button has a key advantage since he gets to act last. Being the last one to act, the player can closely observe and analyze the moves played by opponent players and change their strategies accordingly. It is often observed that by acting last, players are often able to turn a losing hand into a winning hand. According to the ‘Win the Button’ Tournament, the dealer button is passed to the player who wins the round. This game rewards the players who aggressively go for the win in every round.

4. Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

The prize pool in a tournament depends on the number of players participating in it and their buy-in amount. The positive point of a guaranteed poker tournament is that the organizer guarantees a fixed amount of prize pool for the Tournament. For example, if a guaranteed tournament has announced the cash prize equal to $200,000 and 100 players bringing $1900 each, the remaining $10,000 will be funded by the organizer. This is one of the popular games since players have the opportunity to gain sizeable cash prizes.

The following list comprises the poker variants that are popular in India.

1. Rebuy Tournament

The Rebuy tournaments give players a second chance to secure a win at the game. Players can re-buy chips or take add-ons within a specified period of time or before a particular stage of the game is reached. The player can purchase chips again and enter the Tournament. The rebuy amount is generally equal to the buy-in amount. There are two kinds of rebuy tournaments-
1. Limited Rebuy wherein a player will not be able to purchase chips or receive add-ons after a set period of time according to the rules of that particular Tournament.
2. As the name suggests, Unlimited Rebuy implies no limit to the frequency of chips purchased by players to keep playing in the Tournament.
The advantage of entering such a tournament is that it offers the players attractive cash prizes without increasing the number of players, as is the case for regular poker games, thus decreasing competition. Since players have a chance to re-enter the Tournament. They usually follow aggressive strategies in the first few rounds of the Tournament. You should form your strategy accordingly. Let us further understand the meaning of the terms Re buy-in, add-ons and Re-entries.

1. Add-ons allow the participants to buy an additional chip irrespective of their current number of chips. Opting for an add-on is cheaper than going for a full rebuy in.
2. Re-buy allows you to purchase a set number of chips that is equal to the starting amount to enter the game. You can use rebuys only when you are not left with more chips or if your stacks fall below a certain limit.
3. Re-entry is used when a player is knocked out from a game. The number of chips he receives is equal to the starting buy-in amount of the game.

2. Freeze-out Tournament

A player cannot buy his way in under this genre of poker tournament. Once his chips are over he will be out of the game and will be left with no way to continue ahead. Due to this the game progresses at a faster pace. However, the prize pool under this variant is relatively low.

3. Satellite Tournament

The size of the prize depends on the minimum amount of buy-in required to enter a poker game and the number of participants. Generally, tournaments have relatively high buy-ins such as $1000, $3000, $5000 and more. Many players wish to enter such tournaments in hopes of winning handsome prices; however they are unable to enter into the Tournament due to the high buy-in price limits. Satellite tournaments are a boon for such players. In satellite tournaments, you can enter the game with a low buy-in, and if you win the game, then the buy-ins of subsequent games would be funded by the poker room. The poker room will finance your buy-in for games which have an expensive buy-in and thus have huge prize pools.


Fortunately, there are different poker tournaments categories that may appeal to any different players. You can choose to enter any tournament that suits your tastes and goals. It is imperative that you choose a good online poker website to gain additional benefits on the various tournaments taking place on those platforms. You can look at the user interface and additional benefits for users.

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