What is Rakeback?

Rake is a necessary evil in online poker. No one likes it, but everyone has to deal with it. In winning months it cuts into your profits. In losing months, it makes you lose more money. It also makes breakeven months losing months.

It would be best always to strive to play in low-rake environments where you can realize your edge over the long run and avoid rake trap environments at all costs. With that said. There is another effective way of paying less rake, getting some of it back!.

Rake back is crucial for your bottom line. Not only does it decrease the effective rake you pay significantly. It also increases with the volume you put in. If your opponent is getting decent rakeback and you are not getting any rakeback. They will always play at a massive advantage over you even if you are both of the same skill level.

Understanding Rakeback is only half of the story though. Now you have to choose the best rake ack deals for you. Here's a few pointers to help you find the best rakeback deals.

  1. Always prioritize maximum value- This might sound simple but prioritizing getting max value over everything else is a must. After all the raw value your rakeback deal gives you will be the single most crucial factor when it comes to deciding on it.

  2. Keep the volume you plan to put in mind.If you want to just get rewarded for putting in a casual amount of volume. Go for a rewards oriented or long term payout rake ack deal if you plan on putting consistent regular volume. A short term cashback deal will be much better suited.

Negotiate a good deal-Not everyone gets the same deal. The better you negotiate and show your loyalty to a platofrm, the better you will get rewarded for it.

With our insane rakeback, you can make almost ⅓ of your rake back. Let’s look at an example

How Rake back Increases win Rate:

Suppose Player Name is “Vaibhav” Playing 10/20 NLHE Cash game every day, Let’s Suppose say at the end of the month Vaibhav made Rs. 30000 Profit after playing around 15000 Hands.

Stacks Blinds = Rs. 20

Total Profit in Terms of BB = Rs. 30,000/Rs. 20 = 1500BB

The formula for calculating Win Rate is
Win rate = BB won / Total Hands x 100

So WIN RATE = 1500BB/ 15000 = 0.10BB x 100 =10BB / 100 Hands

Now let us say he is getting Rake Back of 30% of Total Rake. If we consider he made around Rs. 8000 Rake he will get Rack Back,

30% will be = Rs. 8000 * 30 /100 = Rs. 2400 = 120BB

In terms of BB, because blind was Rs. 20. He will get 120BB Extra that will be added to his win rate that means the new calculation will be like this.

Total Profit = Rs. 30000 + Rs. 2400 = Rs. 32,400 / Rs. 20 = 1620BB

WIN RATE = 1620BB / 15000 = 0.11 BB X 100 = 11BB / 100 Hands.

Now that’s a Good increase of 10% just Because you get Rake back. The more rake back you generate by Multi-Table, will increase your win rate. Even if you don’t upgrade your skill. Still, your profit will get increasing because of Rake back if Multi-table Properly.

At Pokerlauncher we provide exclusive high-value rakeback deals that you won't find anywhere else. Not only that, but we also help you select the best deals that suit your profile as a player. So you can rest assured you are getting best-in-class rakeback and are playing against your opponents with a significant edge. We are not interested in selling you a rakeback deal. Our interest is finding the rakeback deal that is perfect for you so you can get max value from your games. Because we understand something being "the best deal" is based on the needs of the player.

So make sure you find yourself a solid rakeback deal before you dive into the poker battlegrounds. Best of luck!