Guide to earn money online

A Comprehensive Guide to Earn Money Online and Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom is a goal for many people across the world. Having enough savings, investments, and multiple income sources that can help afford a good lifestyle for you and your family, ultimately retiring with a great career and enough money to spend the rest of your life happily. What a life!

Many card games in India have picked up recently, and in the past couple of years, people have started looking at these games from an entirely different prospective. A simple set of card games that people earlier perceived it to now offer much more than just fun evenings with friends and family. In this article, we at Pokerlauncher bring to you how an easy set of card games like online poker can result in players learning how to be financially stable! Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading, and you'll know.

    The topics covered in this article are:
  • Top 5 Ways to start your earnings
  • Top 5 Games you can start playing to become financially independent
  • How to start playing poker as a beginner
  • How you can start Playing with PokerLauncher and Earn Good Money
  • How much money should one start with as a beginner?
  • FAQs on Play and Earn Real Money

Top 5 Ways to start your earnings

Many people have a strong belief that making money by playing is actually difficult. However, the truth is that if you possess skill in the game or even a passion for playing, you can somehow figure out ways to turn that passion into income. Keeping that in mind, here are 5 top ways that you can start your earnings by playing and participating in online games.

A. Take Part in Tournaments
Tournaments for games are something that has gained popularity only in recent times as compared to the great history that gaming has, especially in a country like India, where the vast majority of people participate in games, casually and professionally. One good way to start your earning is to participate in at least one of the multitude of tournaments that are held online and physically in poker rooms across the country. Players have to pay a certain amount to gain entry into the tournament and then compete with each other until one player comes out victorious and takes home the prize pot, which is usually a handsome amount.

B. Brand Endorsements
Big poker brands and websites are always on the hunt for good players who can represent their company at tournaments or be the face of their brand when advertising products. This can be a great source of income for players who have achieved a respectable position in the poker gaming industry.

C. Side Income
Since winnings are not always guaranteed in call break real money games and poker games, it is good to have a side business or a job in case you encounter losses in your main career, i.e. playing poker online. Having a side income can be in the form of businesses, part-time jobs, or anything else that can land you some extra cash.

D. Coaching for Card Games
If you are a retired poker player or someone who stopped playing the game but possessed great skill in the sport, then you can always opt for coaching people who want to get started with the game and maybe even wish to earn a living out of playing the game. Another advantage to poker online is that even players who are not retired can take some time off and take classes for newbies and earn some extra cash.

E. Online Streaming
Streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. People have been streaming all sorts of content on these sites, which a lot of consumers watch, resulting in the creators earning money from the views and by displaying ads between their streams. For avid poker players who play regularly, this is a great option as there is a whole community of people all across the world who are interested in watching people play the game as a source of entertainment.

Top 5 Games you can start playing to become financially independent.

Since we got it cleared and out of the way that making money and developing a career out of your skill for playing card games is a feasible and possible option for passionate players, let us also discuss a few ways by which you as a player can become finally independent by playing the top 5 paying card games in poker rooms in India.

A. Indian Rummy
Rummy is a terrific game if you want to spend some time having fun and also get the chance to make some money out of it. It's probably one of the most popular card games in the nation among professionals and casual players.

Simple rules govern the game; 13 cards are dealt to players, with the remaining cards remaining in the middle of the table. A player must form three to four sets in order to win the game. They must then complete their sets by drawing cards from the middle, and they must finally yell "show" to reveal their winning hand.

B. Hearts
Hearts is a fantastic game for beginners because it's really simple to understand and play. The game's primary goal is rather simple: score the fewest number of points as you can. A set number of cards are given to you at the beginning of the game, and you then pass cards to your opponents to get rid of all of your undesirable cards. Each card is given a particular number of points, with the queens each costing 13 and the hearts each worth 1. The goal of this game is to play until you have the fewest points or just excellent cards left in your hand. The final winner of the game is the player with the fewest points.

C. Teen-Patti
Teen Patti, which is arguably one of the most well-known names in the card game business, has become one of the most well-liked card games among Indians worldwide. Every player is dealt three cards in this traditional Diwali card game, and the winner is the player with the best hand. Although the game varies depending on the region of the country, every participant seems to like it. Fun Fact: 3 Patti originated as a poker variant, but it has grown in popularity over the years to the point that it is now on a level with poker in terms of player numbers.

D. Joker Wild
Joker Wild is a great game for all of the novice players out there, exactly like 3 Patti, which is a variation of poker that is now well recognized worldwide.

The object of the game is to hold the best hands at the very end; it is played with 53 cards and one joker. The game is well-known among individuals who are just beginning to play card games because it is pretty simple to grasp and simple to play. Joker Wild is the game for you if you're looking for a simple, light game where you may put bets and make money.

E. Online Poker
We wouldn't miss the greatest card game ever, of course.

The game of poker has been around for a while, and playing Indian Poker online is just as entertaining as playing in actual poker clubs. It is the most popular card game of all those we've listed above, and it holds the title of "best card game to play" for a good reason. The goal of the game, which is to hold the best hand you can using the two cards you are dealt and the five community cards on the table, is clear-cut.

Additionally, there are a ton of different poker types you may play depending on your interests and skill level, so the game never lets you get bored.

How to start playing poker as a beginner

Online poker can initially look like a challenging game. Finding the best gaming site, becoming familiar with the game's laws, and recognizing the differences between live and online poker. All of these things could be obstacles for someone looking to get into poker. We will thus cover the numerous various strategies for playing the finest online poker games in this section of the article.

A. Minimum Requirements
Now, to play poker, you'll need a poker room and supplies like tables, cards, etc. But now that online poker is available, all players need to enjoy a short game is a smartphone or a computer with an active internet connection. A wide range of devices can be utilized to play because even the top online poker rooms don't require a lot of gear or software. Due to the technology that poker businesses utilize to create their applications, you can also play by either downloading the poker app or by simply connecting to the website on your web browser.

B. The Best Poker Games
There are numerous poker variants available, ranging from Texas Hold'Em to 7 Card Stud, and each one is distinct in terms of gameplay, rules, and the overall gaming experience. The majority of poker sites provide the majority of poker variants; nevertheless, if you still can't discover what you're looking for, you can always try the different game variants to find one that fits perfectly to your skills, interests and objectives. If you are still confused as to how you can find the best poker rooms, the next subheading will definitely come in handy.

C. Tournaments vs Cash Games
Poker tournaments are well-liked anywhere in the world, and the regulations are straightforward. Each person begins the game with a stack of chips, and as the game progresses, people are eliminated. The one who makes it to the end of the game and defeats every other participant is crowned the winner and receives a sizable prize.

On the other side, cash games have a similar idea but are significantly less competitive than tournaments. In this case, if players are eliminated, you can reclaim your place in the game by transferring some extra chips, either from your Rakeback poker discount or by using your own funds.

How you can start Playing with Poker Launcher and Earn Good Money

Every player is always searching for the perfect site that can offer the player benefits like Rakeback poker discounts, signup bonuses, and even bonuses on deposits that they make in-game. Finding the best game site that suits each player's individual needs is also a necessity, as the website you game on also has a huge impact on your gameplay, efficiency, and overall development.

Well, Pokerlauncher is the leading website for online poker offers and deals and India's first aggregator to bring all major poker sites under one platform. The site mainly aims to holistically improve every player's gaming experience, and to achieve its goal, Pokerlauncher offers the best offers and deals to players, with Rakeback amounts ranging up to 60% of the total rake and also chances to win 5+Cr. Monthly. A must recommend for all those who wish to receive additional benefits with their games, and all players need to do is signup and hop along the journey to finding the poker room that is custom-made for you!

How much money should one start with as a beginner

When it comes to starting out as a poker player, you must always keep in mind the money you have and the amounts that you wish to invest into the game, and also the amount of profit you estimate to yield with the investment that you make. A fixed amount of money cannot be determined to start out. However, there are some factors that you can consider to calculate how much money you must put into the game. They are:

A. Type of Game
Your required poker bankroll will vary depending on the type of poker game you'll be playing. Because of the huge unpredictability of tournaments, you need a lot more buy-ins than you would for a no-limit cash game, which in turn requires more buy-ins than a limit cash game.

You need at least 100 buy-ins of your average tournament buy-in to be adequately bankrolled playing poker tournaments because you can go a long time without making a sizable win and several tournaments without cashing. Eighty-five per cent of participants won't win anything because only the top 15 per cent of the field will, on average, cash in the tournament.

B. Disposable Amount
The amount of money you can afford to lose is the most crucial factor when choosing your initial poker bankroll. Poker is a game of skill, but it also has a gambling aspect to it, so you shouldn't put any money at stake that you can't afford to lose.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to risk a different amount of money, but the higher the stakes you can begin with, the more money you have to start with. Some players like to begin at the highest stakes possible since they find it difficult to play effectively at the micro-stakes.

C. Game Skills
The quantity of money you need to play a certain game will depend much on whether or not you're a winning player and how much you win. The less chance you have of going broke with a lower poker bankroll, the greater the advantage you have over your rivals.

You may observe this in live cash games when players with a sizable advantage over their rivals will travel with relatively little money in the knowledge that their advantage ensures they will win most of the time.

This is less of an issue in tournaments because volatility has a major impact on them. Regardless of your skill level, it's simple to go on a losing streak and consistently fail to make a significant score.

FAQs on Play and Earn Real Money

A. Is Bluffing really necessary in a game of poker?

Not really. When to bluff and when not to Bluff differs from player to player. However, keeping a mix of bluffs and telling the truth will confuse your opponents, enabling you to win more games quickly and easily

B. What is the best strategy to win at 3 Patti online?

The best way to win at 3 Patti online is to have an awareness of the game and your surrounding. Keep an eye on your opponents, and you will have better chances of making correct predictions and winning games.

C. Where can I find the best poker rooms in India?

The best website to find poker rooms and also get discounts and offers on the same is Pokerlauncher. The site also provides players with the pros and cons of each website, helping players to pick the game room most suitable for them.

D. How can I get better at playing these games?

The practice of the game is important, but having sufficient game knowledge and understanding of the different strategies that players use to win games is also necessary as it helps you improve gameplay and become a more efficient player as compared to your opponent.

E. Can I earn money from playing poker?

Yes, there are various online websites that offer tournaments and also let players participate in cash games where they can put in money to secure a seat in the game, and winners will get to take home the prize money if they win games.

F. Is 3 Patti a beginner-friendly game?

Yes, 3 Patti, like online poker, has simple rules that beginner players can easily follow. Hence, this game is also preferred by most new players and also played among family and friends

G. What is the maximum number of players that can play Rummy online?

The game of Rummy online can be played by a minimum of two players and a maximum of 6 players in one game. Regardless of the number of players, a standard deck of 52 cards is used in the game.

Is Online Poker a game of luck or skill?

A game of online poker is considered to be a game of luck by most people. However, the truth is that online poker is a game that is very demanding in terms of skill, focus, strategies, and passion.

I. Does Rummy help the brain to develop?

Rummy online is a game that requires players to have high levels of concentration And also maintain their cool at all times. The game is also known to increase your brain activity and improve analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities.

J. How much money can I earn by playing card games?

The amount of money that players make from games depends on a variety of factors such as the competitions you take part in, whether you play tournaments or cash games, your skill level and others. If you are a good player who seizes every opportunity to make money, you can generate a good income from games.

K. What is the best strategy to win at 3 Patti online?

The best way to win at 3 Patti online is to have an awareness of the game and your surrounding. Keep an eye on your opponents, and you will have better chances of making correct predictions and winning games.

L. When was card gaming introduced to India?

Card gaming was brought to India long before independence. It is said that even royalty back in the early ages used to play with cards that had precious stones studded in them.

M. What is the best strategy to play online poker?

One of the best strategies that a poker player can use in their game is playing aggressively. Playing it safe will not always guarantee the win. However, if you can take calculated risks and play your game, you have a higher chance of winning and taking home the pot.

N. How long does an online poker tournament last?

The duration of a poker tournament is determined by the number of games and the type of games that are played in the championship. Some tournaments have been known to finish in just under a couple of hours, whereas there are other poker tournaments that have been known to Run for weeks.

O. Can you make a living from playing in tournaments?

There are many Indian poker players who have made their career playing online poker games and participating in tournaments. Making a career out of your poker skill is definitely possible; however you need to be passionate about the game, stick to practice, and contain a desire to pursue this passion full time.