Online Poker-Table Positions and the Best Game Strategies

Online Poker-Table Positions and the Best Game Strategies listed by Pokerlauncher The game of free online poker has received so much popularity in its upcoming years as a card game that the poker players in India have started to grow and flourish as a community, with more members being added every year. The different poker sites India have also seen huge growth over the years and new websites are coming every now and then to cater to this audience that the game has managed to capture and help every player play poker real money online with an experience as authentic and real as possible.
This is a topic that we shall explore in-depth with this article, discussing everything from the best websites to play poker on, to the different game strategies and most importantly, the best table positions so that players can study and use these tips and tricks to there advantage, thereby increasing their chances of winning games.

The topics covered in this article are:

1. Poker Table Positions
2. Best Strategies for Poker Games in India
3. Conclusion

1. Poker Table Positions

In a game of free online poker, knowing what move the other players on the table are going to make before you make your move is considered to be a huge advantage. The more information you have on your opponent’s hand, the better counter-decisions you are able to make that will help you play your game more efficiently and effectively. Hence, here is some knowledge on poker table positions that will help poker players in India determine their best poker table strategy and play their best game. The entire poker table is divided into different sections for the ease of understanding of the player. They are namely:

A. The Blinds

What exactly are the blinds in a game of free online poker? The blinds basically refer to the position that is usually the starting or one of the starting hands of the game. There are namely two positions in blinds that players can play:

Small Blind
- This is the position that is to the immediate left of the dealer. This player is generally required to play at least one-third of a big blind

Big Blind
- This is the player that is seated on the immediate left of the small blind player or two seats to the left of the dealer. This player is required to play one big blind at the start of the game.
Like in any game there is one player who has to take the first step and start the game, at a poker table, the blinds (or forced bets) are the first steps towards starting a game. Without any player stepping up first to initiate the game, there will be no competition and all the players will wish to know the hands of their opponents before placing their bet and playing their hand. This hand is generally the most difficult to play and is not recommended for the new players out there who have just started playing on poker sites India. However, the players do get a discount for starting out the game.

B. Early Position

Probably the worst place to be at a poker table, the players seated at the early position will most definitely have a poor position post-flop, and additionally, they do not get any discount for starting out the game like players who play blinds do. For all the players stuck at an early position, it is recommended to start out with a tighter opening range because making any profit with marginal hands is not an easy task. These hands are generally not preferred by any player and if possible, try and avoid these hands, and if you are not sure, you can always fold and move on to the next table in poker sites India.

C. Middle Position

Coming up to a better place as compared to the early position, the middle position is still not the place you would want to be but if you do land up here, you can comfortably start to open a wide range of playing hands. However, it is beneficial for all poker players in India to keep their hands tight and keep their range under control as there are more players who will be playing after them who are left with their preflop move. Play smart at the beginning of the game and once you figure out the rhythm of the table, it's all smooth sailing from there.

D. Late Position

This is considered to be the best position on a poker table as these players are offered the best position in preflop and also a steal opportunity. What does stealing exactly mean?
Stealing basically refers to the act of opening your game with extremely weak cards in an attempt to win the blinds in the post-flop stage of the game. Playing your cards in the late position gives you an opportunity to see the cards that your opponents have placed on the table and based on that information, you can either decide to raise your bet, call or fold your cards before moving on to the next table.
When played correctly, there are strategies that players can use regardless of which side of the table they are seated at in free online poker. Players can also make use of strategies like bluffing and the poker card rankings on poker sites India that can help them win games. However, if you are a beginner at the game, it would be good if you can use all the factors like a positional advantage to play your game and give you an edge over the other players on the table.

2. Best Strategies for Poker Games in India

Now that we have covered the different poker table positions of a free online poker game, let us now move on to some strategies that players can use in their day-to-day gameplay to improve their skills and develop as poker players.

A. Learn Bluffing Techniques

People play an important role in a game of poker, and so there is no game without effective bluffing. So, for those of you who are new to the game, what precisely is Bluffing?
Bluffing is a strategy used among poker players to persuade their opponents to fold a hand by raising the bet even if they don't have a strong hand. To confuse their opponents and avoid creating a pattern that might be identified and exploited against them, good players know how to strike the perfect balance between bluffing and betting. Learning how to C-Bet is one of the finest methods to get into the game. This will give your opponents the impression that you are attempting to purchase a pot in which you have already made hands. Effectiveness in bluffing may be learned and implemented by players over time.

B. Play on the Right Website

It's critical to choose which online poker sites India you would like to play on since this can have a significant impact on your type of play and decision-making. Selecting a website with a decent and seamless UI can be beneficial because if you want to play for an extended period of time, it is critical that the site does not become unpleasant and that the design is simple to comprehend and easy on the eyes. Furthermore, there are numerous poker sites India that offer Rakeback and other benefits to their players, making the game experience more enjoyable overall.

C. Try to Avoid Multi-Tabling

Multi-tabling more or less refers to simultaneously playing many tables and trying to win multiple games at the same time. This is something that you can only accomplish in online poker, and if you're successful, you may win a lot of money. Although there are advantages to this form of play, there are also drawbacks. You will have to concentrate on many games at once when Multi-Tabling and your overall focus will suffer as a result. As a result, newcomers should concentrate solely on a single table at a time. Once you've honed your skills, you can begin to explore multi-tabling.

D. Knowledge of the Game

Another significant difference between novice and veteran poker players in India is their capacity to recognize and apply the game's various rules and strategies to their advantage. You may design your own strategy and be more comfortable in your game by learning the game and examining the various strategies used by poker players. There are numerous poker sites India that can provide knowledge on the game, ranging from the background of online poker to the various hands that may be used to quickly win the game. You will be an irresistible force there at the table if you do your homework, study, and have a thorough understanding of the game before you play.

E. Personal Gameplay Analysis

Remember how, after each test, the teacher hands everyone their paper with their grades, and the students sit down and pore over the entire paper to figure out where they went wrong? In poker, this is precisely what analysis implies. Nobody is flawless at poker, and the game's appeal is that each match teaches you something new. Invest in good analysis tools, or if that's too pricey, go back to taking notes the old-fashioned way! Knowing your flaws poses a serious threat to the next player who will be playing against you as they will no longer be able to exploit them. Analyze each match and try to understand both your own gameplay and that of your opponents.


That was it for a blog on poker table positions and game strategies to improve your gameplay. We hope that this article was able to help you understand the game better and you would use this knowledge in your next game, working your way up towards being one of the best players in the industry and doing yourself proud.


1. What is the best strategy to play online poker?

One of the best strategies that a poker player can use in their game is playing aggressively. Playing it safe will not always guarantee the win. However, if you can take calculated risks and play your game, you have a higher chance of winning and taking home the pot.

2. Can I earn money by playing online poker?

Yes, in addition to regular cash games, poker websites also host online poker tournaments where players can take part and winners can win high rewards, thereby making online poker a money-making opportunity.

3. How can I guarantee my win in every game?

Your win or loss in a game is solely dependent on your individual performance. However, you can always make sure that you have a higher chance of winning by constantly upgrading your skill level.

4. When should you bluff in poker online?

Bluffing all the time or not bluffing at all are both bad strategies if you want to win the game. Keep a mix of bluffing and try to make a pattern that cannot be easily picked up by opponents. In this manner, you will be able to win more games and become an efficient player over time.

5. Where can I get the best poker rooms in India?

Pokerlauncher is a website that helps players find the poker rooms that are best suited to their skills and interest. The site also offers a ton of discounts and offers to players who register and play games on websites listed on Pokerlauncher.

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