Poker Games Online

Finding the right platform or website to play poker games online can be a challenge in itself for someone making their foray into online poker but once you have analyzed the pros and cons of several poker rooms and their offerings and selected the best one for you. A new problem arises, the problem of choosing the games you should play there! Fret not though!. while game selection always has an element of adaptation, we have compiled some instantly usable practical tips you can start applying to your game immediately after you are done reading this. So let’s get into it

Play high-value tournaments with layovers whenever you can

A layover simply means that the total buyins of all the registered players are not even equal to the prize pool guaranteed by the tournament. You should play these tournaments whenever it is within your buyin range. As your potential profits increase by the virtue of playing a 500x buyin GTD tournament with only 200 players. Layovers cause your return on investment to significantly increase and if this tournament happens to be a high-value tournament with layovers, you stand a chance to win a life-changing score as well.

Follow the fish

As a cash game player, before you sit down at any table, make sure you browse through all the stakes in your buyin range and watch 5 hands-on each table, this allows you to spot the table with the fishes, these are the tables you want to stay on and never leave as you can play simple straightforward poker and still make a great profit.

Any game with Rakeback is a good game

Rake, especially with respect to the Indian scene, eats through your profits like termites on a block of wood.on top of that, you also have to pay TDS on your winning every time you make a withdrawal. Rakeback helps mitigate that and increases significantly with the volume you put in, if you plan on putting any significant volume in cash games, getting good Rakeback is essential, Think of it like this If you don’t get Rakeback and the opponents playing against you do l, They will make 10-15% more profit than you even if they are the same skill level as you. Don’t just get a Rakeback deal, It’s important to get a good one. If you would like to check out Rakebackrakeback offers click here.

I hope you now have a solid foundation of game selection and will be able to start seeing what games are profitable for you and what are not. To summarize, Play tournament with layovers, follow the fish, and get Rakeback. If you follow these simple tips, you will be at an informational and financial advantage over your opponents who don’t even think about it and print off them. Now go out there and find them soft games, good luck.