Poker Guide

“Poker is the Game which Takes a Day to learn but years to Master.”

The above line easily gives you an idea that it is easy to learn. So, if you are new to poker Just go through this article and you will be able to play poker. As Poker has different Games NLHE (No Limit Holdem), OMAHA (PLO), etc. but they mostly have the same structure. Here we will be learning about NLHE.

Cards Dealt

Game of Poker Can be played in any no of players from 2 up to 10 players. When the table starts the dealer will allow each player to draw one card from the deck. The player who came up with Highest Card will be awarded Dealers Seat and will be called as “Dealer Button” (D). The Player Left to him is called “Semi Blind” (SB). And player left to semi Blind will be called Big Blind (BB). Then SB and BB will be forced to put a bet to start the hand. Then each player will be dealt 2 Cards Then Betting Round Will Start.

Betting Structure

At the start of every Hand 2 players are forced to put some money into the pot so the hand can be started. Then at each round, more money will be put in a pot that will call as Betting. Now Betting will happen in 4 Rounds.

  1. Pre–Flop: In Cash Games, Blinds are Fix in This Case Rs. 5 will be put by SB and Rs. 10 Will by BB so stacks will be called as 5/10 Blinds. Then Everyone Gets 2 cards Dealt now each player has 3 options.

  2. Fold: if the Player thinks he doesn’t want to wager any money into the pot will announce "I fold". His Cards are declared dead. And he will not take part in remaining of the hand.

  3. Match a bet (Call): If the Player thinks he wants to continue the hand but just decided to match the bet made by BB or a previous player bet, he will announce as “I Call”.

  4. Raise: if the Player thinks after seeing his cards that he wants to wager more money than BB bet then He will announce “I Raise”. Then the rest of the Table has to Match that bet if they want to play a hand.

  5. Flop: Once every player in hand Make the same bet. Then Flop will be dealt. That called community cards as every player will use them to make their Best Hand. Flop Consists of 3 Cards. Then Betting starts from SB if he is the pot. The Player will again make the decision out of Check, Call, Raise or Fold. If every player in hand matches the bet. Then the round will be finished.

  6. Turn: One Card will be added to Community Cards. It is called a Turn Card. Players will decide about their hand strength and will act accordingly. Players will either Check, Call, Raise or Fold as they Like.

  7. Once the remaining player in hand matches Turn bet. The Round is Finish.


    Then the Last Cards will be added to community Cards. It is called a River Card. There will be no more rounds after this. So, a hand will be finished. According to a player decision of Check, Call, Raise or Fold. Once the remaining player at the end matches Max Bet made. A hand will go to showdown.

    Player Can Choose to Fold at any stage of the Round.

    Poker Ranking

    Show Down: Once River betting is done. All the players in the pot are told to show their hands strength the best hand will win the Pot. Now to determine who made Best Hand, Hand Ranking Will be used. Following is Ranking used Best hand to Worst hands.

    01. Royal Flush
    02. Straight Flush
    03. Four of Kind
    04. Full House
    05. Flush
    06. Straigh
    07. Three of a kind
    08. Two Pair
    09. Pair
    10. High Car

    If you need more details go to the Article Hand Ranking.

    The player needs to match the bet made. But in poker it is different. Consider the Following Example.

    Cash Game of 5/10 Blinds is going on, Player A has 300 and Player B has and C had 1000. at any stage of betting player, B or C bet more than what is remaining at Player A. if Player A decided to continue. He will declare ALL IN. Player B and C will continue in further betting round. If at the end of a showdown. Player A came up with the Best hand then he will get 300*3 =Rs. 900 (300 own + 300 from A + 300 Form B) the remaining Pot will go to the next Best hand out of Player B or C.

    When Dealing New Hand, The Player who was BB's last hand now will be SB. This means Flow goes to the left.


    Every hand will be over within 5 min (Casino) and 3 Min (online). The game is fast. And more hand you play more comfortable you will start feeling about Cards Dealt, Betting Round, Hand Ranking.