Spider Solitaire Card Game- Introduction, Rules & Strategies

Spider Solitaire Card Game- Introduction, Rules & Strategies compiled by pokerlauncher for all online poker loving players in India Card games have been a part of Indian history for centuries. From Kings, Queens, and Noblemen to the townfolk, this tradition of playing card games has spread across the Indian land and passed on from generation to generation. Now in the era of technology and innovation, card games have seen a different approach, with companies building an online presence of card gaming like India online poker and the call break game, with an effort to maintain the original quality and playstyle of these games as it were back in the old days. One of the few games that have seen the most growth after shifting to an online medium is the Spider Solitaire Game. This article is an introduction to the spider solitaire game- one of the most popular solo card games out there that have taken the world by storm.

The topics that are covered in this article are:
1. Introduction to the Spider Solitaire Game
2. How to Play Solitaire
3. Strategies to Win at Spider Solitaire Game
4. Conclusion

1. Introduction to Spider Solitaire Game

The Spider Solitaire Game, also known by the name of “Spider” is a popular game that is usually played on a computer, either online on different game sites or offline as an application. As the name Solitaire suggests, this is a game that is played by a single player, with no dealer or a second player involved. The game mainly consists of two decks of standard playing cards and the main objective of the player is to arrange each of the cards into eight possible suits in order to successfully remove them from the table and win the game. The player is able to move the cards from one column to another as long as the move is within the rules of the game. Once the player is able to arrange all of the cards in a specific order, the game is considered to have been completed by the player. The invention of this game is not specific to any particular country or region. However, there is proof that the earliest solitaire game is thought to have been printed around 1746. The first known variation of the game was known to have been called peg, which involved players playing the game with stones on a game board. It is after all these decades that the game was infused with technology to come up with the number of variations that the game has today.

2. How to Play Solitaire

In a game of spider solitaire, a standard 52 card deck is used to play the game, with the main objective of the game being to arrange a total of 13 cards of a suit in ascending order from ace all the way to the king. Whenever a pile of cards is assembled, it is discarded and removed from the game. When the player discards all eight given suits of cards on the deck, the game is considered complete.
When dealing the cards, ten columns of five cards each are dealt in a row format. The first 4 cards of every pile are put face down, and the remaining cards on top are dealt face up. The card on the top of any pile can be moved by the player, along with all of the cards facing up that follow the mentioned sequence of cards in ascending order. The movable cards can then be moved by the player to either an empty spot on the game board or on a card that ranks one step higher than the card the player intends to move, thereby forming one sequence. Now, since the king is the highest card in this order of ascending cards, it can only be moved to an empty space on the board and not under any card. Once all the face-up cards of one particular pile have been removed, the next card on the pile which was earlier facing down is now turned to face up and becomes available. The one thing that players need to keep in mind when playing spider solitaire is the order. Just like any poker player online uses rankings poker as a reference in the game and the players of other games like the call break game have their own references to guide them through the game, here the ascending order of cards acts as a reference as to where players can move their available cards in order to build a sequence. Once players are stuck and cannot make any more moves from the cards available to them, the next 10 cards are dealt, one to each column and the cards can now be moved in order to continue the game. There are different rules for the different versions of spider solitaire eg. the 4 suit version, 2 suit version, and the 1 suit version. However, the rules that we mentioned above are more or less the same for all versions of the game.

3. Strategies to Win at Spider Solitaire Game

Now that we mentioned the rules and regulations for the game, here are also some strategies that players can use to win the spider solitaire game and overall improve their gameplay and efficiency at discarding piles.

A. Try and Create Empty Piles ASAP

Throughout the game, try and create as many empty spaces as possible by moving cards from columns with a lesser number of cards. As it turns out, there is a lot of use of the empty spaces in this card game. You can either use it to store cards temporarily as you try and get the other columns sorted, or you could just use that as a column for one of the sequences that you intend to make. Either way, moving cards and clearing up columns is a great way to make the game more flexible and make use of the available space to move around.

B. Use the Undo Function of the Game

One of the rare features in card games, Spider solitaire game offers its players to undo a move, which is practically impossible in some of the other online community games like many of the poker games online due to the game being played with a number of other players in real-time. However, this undo feature is not just there for beginner players. Instead, you can use the undo button to form strategies and make the best out of your available choices, even if it is too late. You can also use the undo function of the game to see where each of your moves will take you and study each of the outcomes of your decisions, thereby improving your gameplay and also giving you a chance to study some moves that will come in handy later.

C. Try Not to Waste Moves

Yes, it is true that you have the undo feature in case you mess up any moves, and you can play your move again. However, the game is not won with just one decision. Every time you move your cards, you are making a decision that will alter the course of the game as your progress through and that is where saving moves helps. The decision of how a move will affect your actions going forward is something that the player must keep in mind, and also sometimes, there are situations where you can just play one move and make your whole life easy and get yourself the easy win, or you can make that one wrong move which just makes the whole game incredibly difficult. The choice in the end comes down to how efficient a player is with their moves.

D. Never Waste any Vacant Columns

A vacant column is a player’s greatest asset in the spider solitaire game. This is the space where you can plan out some of the greatest strategies in the game, and the space can also sometimes get you out of hairy situations by giving you that extra mobility. Never let an empty space go waste. If you cannot bring a king over to the empty space, use it as a temporary form of storage for the sequences that you have made, which will only help you in utilizing the space in the rest of the piles in a better, more efficient way.

E. Place Kings on Open Columns

Coming once again to the open columns, the king is the topmost card in the game. To win the game, you must try and prioritize the empty spaces for the kings because that is the starting point for the development of the rest of your piles. However, you can use some available flexibility and temporarily store other cards, but in the end, make sure you land the king card in the right position so that it is easier to make the sequence out of the remaining cards.


We hope this article was helpful to you in learning about the spider solitaire game in detail. The different aspects of the game like its gameplay, the ability to play solo, and the interesting situations the game brings to the table are what have resulted in the huge growth of this game over the years. If you are an individual who is looking for a fun yet skill-demanding card game that you can spend time on for solo entertainment online, then look no further because the spider solitaire game is the way to go.


1. Why is the game called Spider Solitaire?

In a spider solitaire game, there are eight sections or eight foundation columns of cards. The duty of each player is to organize the cards in such a manner that it is placed out in a particular order. The eight columns resemble the eight legs of a spider, and hence came the name.

2. How many cards are used in a game of spider solitaire?

Just like in other card games like poker online, rummy card game, and 3 Patti online, Spider solitaire is also a game where a standard deck of 52 cards is used by players to play.

3. Is Solitaire a team game or a solo game?

Spider solitaire is a game that is usually played solo, i.e. by one player. However, there are versions of the game where two or more players can participate in a game at the same time.

4. What are some of the variations in the Solitaire card game?

Some of the variations of the Solitaire card game that players can try out are:
A. 1. Tens
B. 2. Double Solitaire
C. 3. Freecell

5. How do I get better at the solitaire card game?

Practising the game on a daily basis is one way to improve. Additionally, having sufficient game knowledge and understanding of the different strategies that players use to win games can also help players improve gameplay and become more efficient players as compared to their opponents.

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