Poker Tournament Rules

Poker Tournament Rules details offered by Pokerlauncher The game of poker has become more and more famous over the years and its growth has been exponential in the past few decades. In fact, its popularity was so high that developers were able to make and host entire games of poker online, without the need for physical poker tables, bringing together players from any corner of the world. Now since the game got popular, there are many tournaments that are hosted every year, with the winner taking home huge prizes and reward money. Thousands of poker online players try their luck at these tournaments every year, with many people beating others to get to the top and claim their victories. When playing these games, there are certain rules and regulations that players have to follow to stay within the guidelines of the poker platform and the game itself.
In this article, we shall explore poker tournaments, including the introduction to poker tournaments, poker games rules, and regulations for competitive play, and also discuss points such as how payouts work in tournaments and how many participants are generally allowed to register for the same.

The topics covered in this article are:

1. What are Poker Tournaments?
2. Standard Rules for Poker Online Tournaments
3. Poker Hand Rankings
4. Conclusion

1. What are Poker Tournaments?

The concept of tournament poker online is straightforward: each player pays a buy-in and receives a specified quantity of tournament chips. Unlike in a cash game, wherein participants can buy-in for any number of chips and also leave at any moment, Holdem competitions have a predetermined start and end time.
Up until the end of said "late registration period," players can only buy into the event in the first several levels, and you'll start with the same stack. All event buy-ins are combined into a prize pool, which is then distributed based on finishing places.
Many online poker sites now provide one- or two-week lengthy online poker event series, in which they conduct multiple events a day of various types at different times and buy-in levels. These sorts of series usually have very high prize amounts taken by the winners.

2. Standard Poker Rules for Online Tournaments

A. Entree Fee-

There is normally a set entree fee for such tournaments that are collected from players before the tournament starts. This is the amount that is collected from the players and used to run the tournament itself. The more the number of players and higher the participation charges, the better and bigger the tournament will be.

B. Assigning Seats-

The seats in online poker tournaments are generally randomly assigned to players. The seating is an important aspect of poker games because the rotation of chances proceeds to the left of the dealer.

C. Dealing in Game-

As mentioned in the previous point, dealing in the game starts from the left of the dealer and proceeds till the person on the right of the dealer plays his turn, along with everyone else on the table who was seated in between the start and finish point.

D. Decision Timer-

Generally there are timers in tournaments set (usually 90 seconds) for the players to fold, bet or raise. If the player fails to play their turn in the mentioned time, their hand is considered to have folded and they are kicked from the table.

E. Foul Play-

If any player is caught cheating, not following the poker rules, or found using any third-party software to interfere with the game, the player is caught and immediately kicked from the game, with no refund of any amount paid and sometimes may also be charged with a fine and/or get their account banned in poker online.


3. Poker Hand Rankings

Hand rankings in poker online are a number of possible combinations that players can and might utilize to their advantage which can help make a decision regarding betting or folding of cards in games. Here's a list of hands that players can use as a guide when playing online poker tournaments, and which, if correctly applied, can definitely help you win large and take home the big pots. When compared to the rules and hand rankings for 3 Patti rules and other games, the card rankings mentioned on the internet are more or less the same with a few changes depending on the game they’re being used in. From worst to best, here is a list of hand rankings that players can use to their advantage:

A. High Card

A high card in hand rankings or poker rules is a group of five cards with varied rankings that make up a set. This could also contain cards that aren't of the same suit or aren't in any specific order. The logic is, If you ever find yourself in a poker tournament with a pair of high cards, instead of depending on the cards themselves, you should utilize bluffing methods to fool your opponents and win.

B. One Pair

As the name suggests, a hand that contains one pair of cards and the other three cards unpaired is known as one pair in poker online games. When it comes to combination strength, the hand comes in second last as compared to the other rankings in a game, with around a 40% chance of landing one set in poker tournaments and online games.

C. Two Pair

Quite similar to the previous pair that we mentioned, the two pairs of cards is a hand that contains two pairs of 4 cards, with one card being unpaired or out of the combination. That is the only difference between the one pair and the two pair. However, when comparing head to head, the two pairs will always be considered a stronger hand than one pair in poker online.

D. Three of a Kind

The cards that continue this list are a little harder to come by in-game. Three-of-a-kind cards are those in which three cards come together to form a suitable combination and the two remaining cards are unpaired. Despite being a stronger card than the one pair, two pair, or high card, these cards should be used with caution because they are not so much the highest-ranked cards in poker rankings.

E. Straight

The Straight is the first poker hand to use all five cards. It is a five-card combo that is formed when cards are ranked sequentially. Talking about a straight, the only constraint that keeps a hand from qualifying a hand as a straight is that none of the cards must be of the same suit.

F. Flush

Yet another one of the card rankings that are similar to straight, a flush is when all the cards in your hand are of the same suit, with different numbers on them. Although straight and flush may seem quite similar to each other, the main difference between the two is that a hand is not considered a straight when all the cards are from the same suit. However, the cards in a hand must be of the same suit to qualify as a flush.

G. Full House

Coming to one of the stronger card hands in the game, a Full house is basically a mix of two of the rankings we mentioned on the list, namely:
1. Three of a Kind
2. Two pair
This is the first of the top three-hand rankings in poker. In a full house, however, if there are two players holding a strong three-of-a-kind set and a two pair, along with a weak three of a kind and a two pair, the former will be considered a stronger hand. This is something that players will have to keep in mind when playing with a full house ranked hand.

H. Four of a Kind

The runner-up for the poker online hand rankings, a four of a kind is when four out of five cards in a hand are of a particular combination, and the odd man out is the one card that does not fall into the combo. This hand is considered one of the rarest hands in poker, with the chance of appearing is about 0.26 percent.

I. Straight Flush

Here we are, the titan of poker hand rankings. A hand is considered as a straight flush when all the five cards possessed by a player are a perfect combination. The chances of a straight flush appearing in games are as rare as spotting a Bengal tiger but people who have landed the hand will not be able to describe the feeling in words. If you ever land up with a straight flush, do not fear and bet on, because there is a chance that you have the strongest card hand on the table.


Poker tournaments can now be compared to popular sports competitions that are currently prevailing in the country. Apart from providing a platform for players to showcase their skills, these tournaments are also a source of entertainment for many of the poker online enthusiasts that follow the game keenly. This article was everything about tournaments in poker, including the rules and poker card rankings, and we hope that the blog was able to give you a good idea as to how each tournament is played out and perhaps inspired you to take part in an upcoming poker tournament, determined to win and make your people proud.


1. Can a poker player make a living from playing in tournaments?

There are many Indian poker players who have made their career playing online poker games and participating in tournaments. Making a career out of your poker skill is definitely possible; however you need to be passionate about the game, stick to practice, and contain a desire to pursue this passion full time.

2. How to win a Poker Tournament?

Although no player can guarantee their win in a tournament, they can ensure that their gameplay is at its peak with good strategies and knowledge of the game so that they can at least play better than their competitors and have a chance at winning the pot.

3. How long does an online poker tournament last?

The duration of a poker tournament is determined by the number of games and the type of games that are played in the championship. Some tournaments have been known to finish in just under a couple of hours, whereas there are other poker tournaments that have been known to Run for weeks.

4. Where can I find poker websites in India?

Pokerlauncher is a website that helps players find the poker rooms that are best suited to their skills and interest. The site also offers a ton of discounts and offers to players who register and play games on websites listed on Pokerlauncher.

5. What are the different types of tournaments in online poker?

The different types of tournaments in online poker are based on the type of game, duration, etc. Some of the existing tournaments are:
1. Freezeout tournaments
2. Multi-Buy Tournaments
3. Freeroll Tournaments

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