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Winning games online seems easy in theory, all you have to do is play the poker you play live online right? That’s what Daniel Negreanu thought, who at the time with 16 million dollars in lifetime tournament profits said that he could “crush 25-50$ cash games on star after a week of studying* and then he lost 500k there and was outclassed because the old-school poker could not stand up to online crushers who study and work on their game everyday. With that said, let us explore certain adjustments we need to go from poker players to winning online poker players

  1. Never abandon B.R.M-It is the foundation of your success as a poker player. Online that principle is amplified as you will play more hands and face more variance during your sessions. It is critically important that your bankroll is big enough to ride your downswing so that you can profit with your skill in the long term. A good general rule is to never play with more than 1% of your bankroll at any given time. This ensures that you will survive the brutal downswing and become a winner long-term./

  2. Balance studying and playing It is quite important to study and work on your game while also gaining experience by playing. This is why when you are starting you should spend more time studying than playing. I would recommend a 2.5hours to the 1-hour ratio of studying to playing, as this makes sure your poker is getting solid while not being stupidly impractical. incorporate watching videos, courses, peer to peer game review sessions in your study plan. Don’t defend your decisions when you are studying, analyze them, and try to keep your bias at bay as much as possible.

  3. Maniacs are not predators, they are food. Do not be scared of standing up to a maniac, you just need to know how to do it. A maniac’s imbalance loose spewy range is not a strength, it’s a weakness. An easy and profitable weakness to exploit, just check-call them to death with anything that connects, do not bluff them, You only want to raise with your strongest but still vulnerable hands, with the stone-cold nuts you should just let the maniac be a maniac and reraise them whenever they slow down with their aggressive bet with paper napkins strategy. Enjoy your newly found A.T.M’s on the poker table, be prepared to lose big pots occasionally to them because of variance though as these guys will play ANYTHING.

  4. Don’t bluff in multi-way pots. It is much likelier that someone has a strong hand in a multiway pot which significantly reduces the chances of any bluffs going through, you should generally play passive in multiway pots and never bluff. Just value bet your good hands and you will do fine.

  5. Be smart with the shots you take, shot taking a higher stake or a bigger tournament occasionally is part and parcel of every poker pros life, but make sure you don’t risk unreasonable amounts of money taking shots and are comfortable dropping to your original buyin should things not work out.

  6. It’s not easy being a winner at online poker in 2021, poker is a hard way to make an easy living after all but if you keep working on your game and take every decision with rationality and conscious thought, you will end up crushing your games in the long run. Good luck with your grind guys. See you in the next one.