Player’s Guide to Bounty Builder Tournaments

Player’s Guide to Bounty Builder Tournaments listed by pokerlauncher for all online poker players in India. Playing poker online for free tournaments or Satta games with real money is a sport that is expanding, and it is also currently one of the most well-known and well-liked ways that players encounter poker. Poker-free tournaments may appear to be very similar to poker online cash games, but it's crucial to understand that they are actually highly distinctive and diverse in their own right. At the poker table, there are other differences between cash games and tournaments, including entry fees, rake structures, and game rules. Not only poker, but other card games as well, including tash wala games like suits in cards and 2 3 5 games, call bridge games (also known as call break online), and even cash rummy games, have their own set of rules, playstyles, and hosting of tournaments and casual games. In this post, we will go deeper into the world of Satta online tournaments in real money poker, especially looking into a particular segment of tournaments called bounty builder tournaments. We shall try and analyse how these tournaments work and evaluate how they differ from typical casual cash games.

The topics that have been covered in this article are:
1. What are Poker Tournaments
2. Bounty Builder Poker Tournaments
3. How do Bounty Poker Tournaments Actually Work?
4. Conclusion
5. FAQ

1. What are Poker Tournaments

Online poker championships have a simple structure: each player buys in and receives a set number of tournament chips. Holdem tournaments have a set beginning and ending time, unlike cash games, where players can enter for any amount of chips and leave at any time. Players can only pay into the event in the initial levels up until the conclusion of the aforementioned "late registration period," and you'll start with the same stack. A prize pool is created by combining all tournament buy-ins and is then divided up according to finishing positions. Many online poker sites now provide one- or two-week long online poker event series, where they run multiple events each day of various varieties at various times buy-in levels and also invite players from across the world. These said series normally have a large pot amount which is set as the prize and taken home by the winners at the end of the game.

2. Bounty Builder Poker Tournaments

Bounty builders are a series of thrilling daily progressive knockout tournaments featuring a reward pool. They are contested in a system known as a progressive knockout. Every player has a bounty on their head as they sit. The bounty can be collected by eliminating the player with the help of poker ranking charts. Half of it becomes a bounty on the winner's head, making them a more tempting target, and the other half goes to the player's account. The beginning value of each of the set bounties in a Rs. 8000 event in Progressive SuperKnockout (Bounty Builders on PokerStars) is again Rs. 4000, but there's a twist: When you knock out a player, you only win half of their bounty; the other half is credited to your bounty. As a result, if you get another player on the table to fold in the opening hand of the tournament, you will receive Rs. 2000, and your own bounty will increase to Rs. 6000. If someone later busts you, they will receive Rs. 3000, with the remaining 50% going to their bounty, etc. The rewards tend to become outrageously valuable in the later stages, making this the most popular and enjoyable format today.

3. How do Bounty Poker Tournaments Actually Work?

In a multi-table poker tournament scenario where the stakes are larger than ever, and the competition is much more fierce, these knockout tournaments are generally held. This is because a bounty system, which gives you the opportunity to win more, was added as a new element to the game. If you manage to eliminate a player, their chip bounty is now yours, allowing you to just about play in a freeroll manner for a while. Your bounty is included in your buy-in price, so you are not required to pay anything extra for it. You need to be more assertive when it comes to playing these card games strategically. Even though the reward value is significantly bigger at the beginning of the game, you shouldn't become too fixated on solely collecting bounties. Instead, attempt to steadily acquire those bounties, as it will provide you more freedom to play as the game carries on. The following are some things to keep in mind about how these poker games are structured that you can use to organise your gameplay.

A. Eliminations

Simply put, by winning poker hands, you can eliminate your opponent and claim the reward placed on his or her head. Additionally, you need to have more chips as compared to your rival, who must also be all-in. The player with the guaranteed winning hand will only collect the winning player's reward when they have the failing player covered if multiple players are competing for the pot and one of them is eliminated. If not, the bounty is also claimed by the person who wins the side pot. In a multi-way pot, if there is a tie and the disqualified player is covered by both of the participants who have the winning hand, the bounty money is split equally between them.

B. Winnings

Only after the competition is over will the player receive their bounty earnings. You will receive your own bounty as well as the sum of all the bounties you have collected if you are the tournament winner. Regardless of bounties, regular tournament awards are also awarded in accordance with the framework laid out at the commencement of the competition.


We hope that this article was helpful to players and enthusiasts to get an understanding of how bounty builder tournaments work in a game of online poker and how players can make the most out of this very famous and growing competition type.


1. What are Progressive Knockout Tournaments?

Progressive knockout competitions (PKO Competitions) add a thrilling twist to traditional knockout competitions. The players' bounties in this situation are not set. In fact, as the competition progresses, it gets bigger over time. When you eliminate a player, 50% of their bounty is added to your bankroll, and the remaining portion is added to your bounty.

2. How can I win poker tournaments in India?

Although no player can guarantee their win in a tournament, they can ensure that their gameplay is at its peak with good strategies and knowledge of the game so that they can at least play better than their competitors and have a chance at winning the pot.

3. What are some additional card games?

Some of the other card games that players can play are:
a. Games online UNO
b. Bluff card game
c. 2 3 5 card game

4. Is poker similar to the 3 Patti card game?

Although both online Poker and 3 Patti online belong to the same family of card games, and 3 Patti is also often considered a variation of online Poker, the two games are completely different in terms of gameplay, strategies, and rules.

5. Where can I find the best poker rooms in India?

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