Poker Winning Hand Strategy

Poker Winning Hand Strategy detailed explanation by Pokerlauncher There are a plethora of online poker sites in India that you might want to use to learn how to play online poker games and get acquainted with the game. Poker, unlike so many other card games, is a sport that demands both brains and skill. You should be able to double up on a win while minimizing your losses to the absolute minimum. Precision and skill are critical in this game.

Although many of the trade secrets of poker online could be learned by trial and error, there are a few advised tactics that can significantly improve players' winning chances. In this post, we'll provide you with some recommendations based on an extensive study that will help you improve your overall poker rankings and win more games. The topics that we shall cover in this article are as follows:

1. Poker Hand Rankings
2. Tips to Win Online Poker Games
3. Best Poker Sites to Game On
4. Conclusion

Poker Hand Rankings

In order to play online poker and actually earn money from it, there are a few tactics that can effortlessly help players gain an advantage in games and act as a guideline for their own gameplay, just as there are different strategies to win any type of online game. Poker Hand rankings are the most well-known of the several Indian poker tactics.
A hand rating system is essentially a classification structure that identifies the many advantages and disadvantages of poker hands so that players may quickly identify and select the best hand for them. The poker hand rankings are mostly applied in games like Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha, where understanding these combinations is crucial if you want to win. The different poker hand rankings in games are as follows:

A. High Card

A high card is a group of five cards with different card rankings on each of them. Also known as no pair hand, this hand could contain cards that aren't from the same suit or aren't arranged in any particular order.

B. One Pair

One of the most common card hands is the One Pair card ranking. This pair is formed when there is one pair and three unpaired cards in a poker hand.

C. Two Pair

Quite similar to the one pair, a two pair is when a player holds two pairs of cards and one card that is left unpaired. This hand is considered to be stronger than its predecessor, the one pair.

D. Three of a Kind

Just like the name, a three-of-a-kind card ranking is formed when three cards of a hand come together to form a particular combination, leaving two cards unpaired. The only point to consider is that the two cards have to be unpaired or the hand will become a full house.

E. Straight

First-hand ranking where all 5 cards of a hand are utilized, A straight is when all five of the cards are in sequential order, with only one restriction that the unpaired cards must not be of the same suit.

F. Flush

A flush is a five-card combination comparable to a straight where all of the cards are of the same suit. However, they do not form a straight together.

G. Four of a Kind

A four of a kind poker card hand ranking is formed when a single hand contains four cards that are together and form a particular combination that helps the player win games.

H. Full House

Also known by the name of the full boat, the full house card hand is when a player possesses a card hand that consists of three pairs and one pair of cards. This is yet one of the stronger cards that consist of two individual rankings in one hand.

I. Straight Flush

One of the rarest and the most special card hand ever, the straight flush is when a player has the best combination of cards possible in the game. If you ever do land up with a straight flush, play aggressively because there is a high chance you will win.

2. Tips to Win Online Poker Games

Now that we have covered the different poker hand rankings in poker games, let us get to the tips and tricks section on how you can win more games with simple strategies that may seem insignificant, but amount to great change over the course of time. They are as follows:

A. Understanding of the Game

One of many poker game's rules that is largely underestimated among players, a good understanding of the game, and the ability to recognize and apply the game’s many rules and techniques to their advantage are some of the major differences between a new player and a poker professional. Having in-depth knowledge of the game and examining the playstyles of other skilled players can even help you devise your own strategy of playing games so that you can comfortably win games and take home large pots.

B. Multi-Tabling

A popular tactic in poker online, multi-tabling is the skill to play at multiple poker rooms at the same time to reap the benefits of winning multiple games. This is a great strategy to use if you play the game really well and can take the pressure of playing more than one game at the same time. A point that even experienced professional poker players understand is that limiting the number of tables that they play at one time will help them to increase focus on one game and greatly improve their chances of winning. Playing on a single table at a time can help you concentrate and use your full potential on one table instead of trying to win many tables.

C. Bluffing

An unsaid poker game rule and a great technique to improve your odds of winning, bluffing is a strategy that is used even by the greatest of poker players. In Fact, to a certain degree, the game is dependent on such strategies in order for the player to win and take the opponents by surprise. A mixed bluff with two value bets will be the perfect strategy to keep other players in the dark as you swiftly get the other players to fold one at a time. However, keep in mind that you are not the only player that is aware of bluffing and even the other players could be bluffing in an attempt to get you to fold your cards.

D. Unpredictability

The key to winning any game is not letting your opponent predict your next move. The same goes for poker. When playing games, always make sure that you are not following a play pattern that your opponent can easily guess. For example, instead of always betting or bluffing multiple times in a game, try and switch up your playstyle in a way that will confuse your opponent and make them expect something different than the play you are about to make. Poker is a live game with actual players playing against other actual players, so it is key that you stay unpredictable and catch your opponent off guard.

E. Analyzing Games

To a great extent, knowing what mistakes you make in a game is what can help you to avoid making them in further games. A very simple way to do that is by analyzing your games after you play them and noticing all the faults in your gameplay after a poker game. You can even record your gameplay using multiple third-party tools and software, which can help you to identify your weak points and work on them. A great trick is to also analyze your opponent’s gameplay and notice what playstyle they use so that you can pick up all the good moves that they perform and use them in future games.

3. Best Poker Sites to Game On

Which online poker sites you play on can also (to a certain degree) be a determining factor of your success. Hence, we decided to save you some trouble and list some of the best poker sites for real money that you can game on today.
A. PokerStars
B. 888 Poker
C. Spartan Poker
D. GG Poker
E. PokerBaazi

There are also free poker online sites that you can use to practice your game and improve your skills before actually investing money in the game. You can also find additional information on each of these poker sites for real money and also receive huge offers and discounts by going to Pokerlauncher and registering with the website. Pokerlauncher is India’s largest platform for poker deals and offers. The site provides users with huge discounts, Rakeback offers, and signup bonuses that will get you started with your poker journey smoothly and effectively. The site is also India’s first aggregator to bring all the major poker rooms under one single platform.


We hope that this article was informative and helped you to understand the winning hand strategies, online poker sites, and also tips and strategies that would help you to go from a newbie to a professional poker player in no time. There are also other multiple tips and tricks that will help you to improve your gameplay, but more or less, playing on your own and figuring out your own strategies to play the game will also help you become a good player. Just remember that the key to becoming good at anything is practice and the more you play, the better you will get at the game.

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