Know the Types of Poker Games

Know the Types of Poker Games that pokerlauncher helps you play and earn rewards When people think of online poker, they mainly picture the game to be Texas Hold Em, which is the most famous variation of online poker games which is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its appearance in movies, TV shows, and tournament events. However, what many players fail to realize is that there is a wide variety of online poker games that are not necessarily as popular as Texas Hold Em, but are quite fun and entertaining if you ever want to try something new and explore what the world of online poker has to offer to its players. In this article, we shall discuss the different types or variations of games that online poker has to offer. These include many well-known games such as 3 Patti and Solitaire card game, but also some lesser-known games like call bridge and tash wala game.

In this article, we shall talk about the following topics:
1. Common Terms to know for most Online Poker Games
2. Types of Poker Games
3. Conclusion

1. Common Terms to Know for Most Online Poker Games

Before we get started on the list of the different variations of poker games, here are some of the terms that are used in games, which are also common among most of the online poker games that we are to mention in this article:

A. Ante

The minimal amount you must wager in order to participate in the game's action is known as the ante.

B. Blinds

The money (usually in the form of chips) which is placed on the table before the cards are played is known as blinds. Often two blinds (named the "small" and "large") are placed on the table to ensure that money is wagered with each hand; The blinds rotate between players with the playing of each hand

C. Call

A "call" signifies a player's desire to match the amount that has been raised once a fresh wager has been put.

D. Check

If no fresh wagers have been placed and the player does not feel the need to raise, the player may "check."

E. Raise

The player seeks to increase his or her bet on the table.

2. Types of Poker Games

Since we are done with the different terminologies used in poker, we shall now move on to the different types or variations of poker games online.

A. Texas Hold‘em

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game right now. If you can find a poker room or website, Texas Hold'em will almost certainly be the primary game, with a large range of tables and stakes to pick and choose from.

Many amateurs and professional poker players who began playing or were exposed to the game in the early 2000s will be familiar with No-Limit Texas Hold'em. In the later years that followed, it has been the most frequently broadcast and publicized of all poker variants in various competitions and tournaments, with simple hand rankings and rules to follow.

B. 3 Patti

3 Patti is a hugely popular game that has swept the whole country of India since its release. 3 Patti online (meaning three cards) is a form of poker where the play cards suits 3-6 persons and is more or less a simpler version of poker. The game is also known as a flush, and it is played using a 52-card deck. Many individuals look forward to the endless invitations to card parties, especially during holiday seasons like Diwali.
It's the perfect place to get to know your loved ones, play cards, and have a nice time. Taking the entire procedure online has made it very simple and convenient, regardless of where you currently are in the world.

C. Solitaire

One of the most well known single player online poker games of all time, solitaire card game is up there in the list of different online poker websites.The primary aim of the game is to get the cards into different foundations, ultimately arranging them in an order arranging from ace to king, in the order the cards are supposed to be in, from the lowest ranking card to the highest ranking card. In order to achieve this method of organization, the cards are required to be moved from different “tableau” to “tableau” and uncover face down cards. The player wins the game when they successfully arrange all cards in the correct order in all said tableaus.

D. Bluff

If you enjoy card games, you should try your hand at ‘bluff’. It's one of the finest card games around and is a great deal of fun. When playing bluff, it's crucial to be confident. These gaming abilities may also be described as art because they need bluffing and disclosing the truth at the same time.
The game's name tells you all you need to know about it. It involves deceiving your opponents. If you look up or ask someone how to play the bluff card game, you will only receive one answer: by misleading your opponents.
You'll need to learn how to deceive people, keep a straight face, and use a few tactics and soon enough, you will be a master at the game.

E. Tash Wala game

A game that is thoroughly enjoyed by the Indian community, the Tash Wala game is one of the most popular games online in online poker sites in India. The game is played with a 52 card deck. The game was recently introduced to the online community, earlier enjoyed offline by friends, families, and also professional poker players who played the game using bets. Tash wala game is not any one particular game but a set of games that are played using card decks. Many of the games that come under the category of tash games include poker, blackjack, 3 Patti, rummy, hearts, and many more. These games are also a source of income for many people because of the growth of professional tournaments and competitive play in recent years.

F. Bridge

A game that has more books on it than any other game, Bridge (also known as Call Break game) is one of those games which is especially popular in countries like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Four players are required, as well as a dealer who will oversee all rounds. To finish the game, each player is dealt 13 cards and has five rounds. After all of the cards have been dealt, the dealer asks how many hands they think they can win out of the total of thirteen. Each player must declare a number from 1 to 8 in order to participate. Your goal should be to get the most hands possible, and you will be awarded points for each winning hand. Many players use Call Bridge to make money on a variety of sites.

G. Spider Game Online

A two-deck card game played by a single player, Spider Solitaire comes in a variety of forms, including ones that use one, three, or even four decks. However, no matter which variation you choose to play, the core principles remain the same. The fundamental goal of the game is to build piles in descending order from the 10 tableau piles until a player has used up all of the cards in the stock. To win, players must shift their face-down top cards to the adjacent ones that are numerically higher than them. To ensure that the game is won, you must develop a strategy and practice on a daily basis to build skill. Keep in mind that one bad move in Spider can leave you with an unplayable tableau

H. Pineapple

Pineapple isn't just a tropical fruit; it's also the name of a great poker game! While this variation of poker hasn't gained as much traction as other of the more popular variations, it is definitely simple to play and easy to understand. This is especially true if you've already mastered normal Texas Hold'em! While Pineapple is nearly identical to Hold'em with the exception of the amount of hole cards dealt at the start, it has never reached the same level of popularity as other types of poker.
If you've played Texas Hold'em before, you'll find this game to be very simple to pick up. However, being dealt with three hole cards instead of the standard two might throw players off a little bit by the start. Although, the game will become easy for players once they land with a good set of cards.


This comes to the end of the different variations of Poker Games. This was only a brief introduction to the world of online poker where many more such games exist. Many players believe that the game of poker is limited and is purely based on luck. However, this article aims to counter exactly that statement by explaining the many types of poker games that exist and how each of them is in some way or another, based on the skill and expertise level of each individual player. We definitely recommend you to try out one of these mentioned games and even other games such as 3 2 5 card game, Omaha Hi-low and 7 card stud if you’re looking for something other than the games that you are used to playing because there’s always something for everyone.

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