More About Poker Hand Rankings- Straight in Indian Online Poker

More About Poker Hand Rankings- Straight in Indian Online Poker for all Indian poker player A game that has received a lot of attention in recent years, especially after its presence in the online gaming community, Indian online poker has become popular among both casual players and professionals in card games. Although the main idea of Indian online poker remains the same, make the best 5 hard combinations of cards from the hands you are dealt, there have been different variations of the game that have developed throughout the years and are now equally popular as the classic Indian online poker card game. Some of these variations are inclusive of but are not limited to the spades card game, spider solitaire 4 suits, solitaire game online, 3 2 5 card game, bluff card game, 3 Patti play online, call break online games, and also blackjack game. All of the mentioned games have their own unique objectives and game styles but are more or less based on the original Indian online poker classic game. A card game such as Indian online poker also has a set of ready references and strong hands that players can refer to when playing the game. These references are known as Poker hand rankings or ranking charts in poker. We shall talk about the different poker hand rankings, with a bit more focus on one of the special hands known by the name of “Straight”.

The topics covered in this article are as follows:
1. Indian Online Poker Hand Rankings
2. Straight in Poker Card Game
3. Conclusion

1. Indian Online Poker Hand Rankings

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, there are many strategies that players use when approaching a game of poker online, one of these well-known strategies is known as Poker Hand Ranking. These ranking charts consist of sets of hands that are known to be various combinations of cards that players can make, and the weightage of each of these combinations in a game against other players. The hand rankings are classified below in increasing order of importance:

A. High Card

The High card is supposedly the lowest ranking card in all of the poker hand rankings. It basically consists of a combination of 5 cards, wherein none of the cards are in any sort of order of numbers or belong to the same suit.

B. One Pair

One Pair card in Indian online poker ranking consists of 5 cards of which two cards form a particular pair, either by being the part of the same suit or having numbers that help form a combination. A fine example of a one-pair set of cards is a hand consisting of a pair of hearts and 3 random cards.

C. Two Pair

The two pair is somewhat the upgrade from the one-pair set of cards. The hand consists of two pairs of cards that are in combination, with the remaining 1 card being independent. A fine example of a two pair in the poker card game ranking is a pair of spades and a pair of diamonds.

D. Three of a Kind

The three-of-a-kind card ranking is on the low end of the scale of the poker online card ranking range, consisting largely of 3 cards with two additional unpaired cards. The fact that both remaining cards must be unpaired distinguishes the three of a kind hand from a full house hand.

E. Straight

The star of the show hare, a straight is the first-hand ranking on the list where all 5 cards of a hand are being utilized. The hand does involve all 5 cards being ranked in a numerical ascending or descending order, but it is necessary that not all cards belong to the same suits.

F. Flush

A Flush is also a card ranking where all 5 cards are involved, and three cards are from the same suit but do not form a straight. In a flush, the cards are all belonging to the same suit, but the numbers of cards can be in a different order.

G. Full House

When a three of a kind and one pair are in the same card ranking, it is called a full house. The hand is one of the more powerful in online card games, but it pales in comparison to the four-of-a-kind and straight flush.

H. Four of a Kind

Coming to two of the strongest hand combinations out there, the four-of-a-kind hand is formed when four of the cards in a hand form a certain combination, with one card being separately present, not in combination with any of the other 4 cards.

I. Straight Flush

This is the king of the poker hand rankings in Indian online poker. The hand is one of the most desired and the most powerful hands, helping the player to win the game instantly. If you ever come across a situation where you hold a straight flush, bet aggressively because there is a high chance of winning.

2. Straight in Poker Card Game

The straight as mentioned below is the first hand in the list of hand rankings of the poker card game where all 5 cards of the hand are utilized. The hand comprises 5 cards, each ranked sequentially, but not all of the same suits. A fine example of the straight in poker could be a hand comprising of 10 of hearts, 9 of hearts, 8 of Clubs, 7 of Spades, and 6 of Spades. You can observe in the example that all of the cards are in sequential order in the numeric part of the card, but are not all of the same suits. The Straight Rank is said to be more powerful than a 3 of a kind (because it involves all 5 cards), but ranks below the Flush (because a flush involved cards having the same suit with different numbers). It is easy to get the straight and flush confused at first but with more experience, it will be easy to distinguish between the two.


We hope this article was able to help readers develop an understanding of the different poker hand rankings in Indian online poker (specifically the Straight in Indian poker online). These rankings are also available for other strategy games like rummy online, 3 2 5 card games, and other satta online games. They not only help the player understand the different card combinations but also help them play their cards more efficiently.

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