How to Become an Ultimate Expert in 3-Card Poker

How to Become an Ultimate Expert in 3-Card Poker offered by Pokerlauncher Nearly all the poker games that exist out there, the poker variations, are all meant to be played against other players. This variation of poker, however, is a table game that is normally played against the house. Also known by the name of 3 Patti online, 3-card poker has been a massively popular game, especially in the Indian subcontinent since the time it came out. This article will be an in-depth beginner's guide to 3-card poker so that you too can go from 0 to hero in this variation of India poker online.
In this article, we shall cover everything from how to play this card's online game, game strategies, and also discuss game rules. The topics covered in this article are as follows:

a. The History of 3-Card Poker
b. 3-Card poker- Requirements and hand rankings
c. 3 Patti Online Rules
d. Game Strategy for 3-card poker
e. Conclusion

1. The History of 3-Card Poker

A Mr. Derek Webb was responsible for the creation of the casino version of 30Card Poker in and around 1997. Webb's main goal was to build a poker game that moved at the same pace as other table games. He felt important, the need to have the right combination of three crucial characteristics for any casino game in his version of poker: the game rules were simple to grasp, the rewards were substantial enough to attract players, and the house edge was low enough that casino owners would be interested in adopting the game of poker cards online.
The game originally did not begin an as online game, however, until the past decade, the game was played in different casinos all around the world, starting from the United States and the UK. Many years later, as technology evolved, so did the game and it was soon available for players to play on their computers. The game has been fully implemented online, with different websites more than happy to host the game and provide the most authentic card online game experience to their valuable community of players. Although there were many issues regarding implementation and regulations with respect to 3-card poker in the earlier years, the ups and downs have only contributed to the development of this easy to learn and hard to master suit card game.

2. 3-Card Poker- Requirements, Objective, and Hand Rankings

Before we get to the rules and the strategies for 3-card poker, let us first discuss the basic requirements, the main objective, and the hand rankings for the game:

A. Requirements:

The requirements for a game of poker cards online in this game are fairly simple. A single 52-card deck and wager chips are used in this India poker online game. On the current hand, the website you play on uses an automatic shuffle mechanism frequently to shuffle different decks of cards in order to speed up the gameplay among the players on an online table.


The main objective of 3 Card Poker is simple: build the best 3-card poker hand possible! There are no "hits" or swapping or drawing extra cards like in Blackjack. It's all about the cards you're handed in at the start.

Depending on how you bet, players can do one of two things: (1) try to make a pair or better; and/or (2) hope that your hand ranks higher than the dealers. If players are able to satisfy either of these conditions, they have a good chance of winning the game

C. Hand Rankings

A list of combinations that can help you strategize games in order to win better is known as the poker hand rankings of a game. We have compiled a list of all the poker hand rankings, ranging from worst to best, that players can use in order to plan out their gameplay and have a better chance at winning in 3-Card Poker. The same pattern of poker hand rankings are followed in all variations of poker, with slight changes depending on each game:

a. High Card (No Pair)

The term "high cards" refers to any group of cards that do not fall into any of the previously specified sequences. In a game of 3-Card Poker, they are the least powerful, and when players don't have any beneficial combinations of cards, their only option is to play high cards or pack their cards.

b. Pair (Double)

A pair, often known as a double, refers to two cards with the exact same number in the player's hand at any given time. Ace-Ace-King is an example of a handed pair that can be used, but the one thing that players must keep in mind is that the cards must be of the same value and rank.

c. Colour (Flush)

In a game of 3-Card Poker, the suit cards in a colour sequence (also known as a flush in poker) must be of unconnected numbers, with one common aspect of the colour being the same. Three hearts of the same colour but different numbers on them are a good illustration of the colour sequence.

d. Impure Sequence (Straight)

The three cards in an impure sequence represent a continuous 3 Patti online sequence in numbers, but with a set of different colours. The King, Queen, and Jack cards, for example, come in a variety of colours. This is a good example of an impure sequence.

e. Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)

In poker cards online, a pure sequence occurs when all three cards in a series are of the same colour. A pure sequence is formed when a player has a king, queen, and the ace in their hand.

f. Trail of Cards (Three of a Kind)

The most powerful combination in the game, these are cards of the same number and rank as each other. The three diamond aces are regarded as the most powerful set of cards in a game of 3 Patti online. At the same time, the pair of "two" is the weakest possible hand in a trail of cards.

3. 3 Patti Online Rules

There are a few game rules that players are expected to follow. They are as follows:

a. Betting

In a betting scenario for 3-Card poker, there are a few options that players can use to place their bets in the game. They are:
1. Ante- When the player and the dealer both play their hands in the struggle for getting the highest rank and beat each other. 2. Pair Plus: In this scenario, players try and make their hand better than their existing hand. The dealer’s hand is considered irrelevant in this mode of betting)
Different websites will have different forms of betting and players must understand the rules of betting to be able to enjoy the full 3-Patti online experience.

b. Dealing

Each participant in the hand, as well as the dealer, is given a set of three cards face-down. The main aim of the player is to defeat the dealer (i.e. if you utilized the "ante" betting option) in this game, just like in Blackjack and other variations of poker. The cards of the other people on the table have no relevance to each other and the game is purely between the player and the dealer on the poker website online

c. Playstyles and actions

After having been dealt with cards by the dealer, it is now the player’s time to act and play the game. Player’s are given two options in front of them, which are to continue playing or disposing of their card hand. In case the player decides to dispose of their hand, the dealer gets their ante and also the plus pair. However, if the player wishes to continue playing the game after receiving their cards, the players will have to put forward a “play” bet. The amount of the play bet must be equal to the player’s original ante. The chips are often placed after the player successively arranges their poker cards online face down in the play area of the table.

d. Winning and Payouts

After the game has been started, the players are then expected to reveal their hands, with the dealer following the same practice. The hands of the player and the dealer are then compared and the best hand is considered the winner of the game. There are also different points awarded to different players and the players who are holding a stronger hand (refer to ranking table) have a higher chance of winning as compared to other players in the cards online game.


We hope that this article was able to provide you with a clear-cut idea and introduce all the new players who wish to try their hand at 3-Card poker online. The rules and regulations for 3-card poker (3-Patti online) are more or less easy to understand but the game will take some practising to attain mastery. There are also a handful of strategies that players can make use of in order to try and have a better gaming experience.


1. What is the best strategy to win at 3 Patti online?

The best way to win at 3 Patti online is to have an awareness of the game and your surrounding. Keep an eye on your opponents, and you will have better chances of making correct predictions and winning games.

2. Where can I find the best poker rooms in India?

The best website to find poker rooms and also get discounts and offers on the same is Pokerlauncher. The site also provides players with the pros and cons of each website, helping players to pick the game room most suitable for them.

3. Can I make money playing 3 Patti online?

Yes, there are various online websites that offer tournaments and also let players participate in cash games where they can put in money to secure a seat in the game, and winners will get to take home the prize money if they win games.

4. Does 3 Patti have hand rankings?

Yes, Just like poker online, 3 Patti is also a game that has its own hand rankings. These rankings are essentially a chart that acts as a reference for the player when participating in cash games or tournaments.

5. Is 3 Patti a beginner-friendly game?

Yes, 3 Patti, like online poker, has simple rules that beginner players can easily follow. Hence, this game is also preferred by most new players and also played among family and friends.

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