An Introduction to Pre-Flop in Online Poker

An Introduction to Pre-Flop in Online Poker listed by pokerlauncher for all online poker players in India. The phrase “the first impression is the last impression” is something that we have been hearing for years, and some of us have even been living by it. It does not stand true only for job interviews, but it is a very well-appreciated saying, even in the card game industry. How a player plays the pre-flop in poker actually sets a base for their gameplay and determines how the rest of the game will proceed in due course of time. After all, in accordance with the poker rules, the pre-flop round is where the players must place their initial bets based on a number of factors. In this article, we have tried to introduce players to the pre-flop phase of an online poker game and also what are the considerations for playing this phase and betting tips for the same.

The topics that have been covered in this article are as follows:
1. Meaning of Pre-Flop in Online Poker
2. Pre-flop Position Strategy
3. Betting Tips for the Pre-Flop
4. Conclusion
5. FAQ

1. Meaning of Pre-Flop in Online Poker

As the name itself suggests, the pre-flop in a game according to poker tournaments rules or just regular cash game poker rules means the “round before the flop”. So to understand the pre-flop better, you have to first know what the flop round is. Essentially, the flop round is the second betting round in a game of Texas Holdem poker, where three community cards are dealt to the players in a face-up manner. So if that is the flop round, then the pre-flop round is everything that takes place before the second round of betting. This means that the first betting round of the game of online poker, where the blinds of the game are set and players are handed their first hole cards, is known as the pre-flop round of the game. It is crucial to keep in mind that a pre-flop in online poker only refers to variations of the game that contain a flop round and community cards. Poker variations like 3 Patti play online, 3 2 5 card game, call break cash game, solitaire card game, or the scratch card games don't have flop rounds, which means they also don't have pre-flop or post-flop rounds.

2. Pre-Flop Position Strategy

Staying aware of the position of your hand in each step of the game is an extremely important step that each player must keep in mind when playing casino games online, like poker. The small and the big blinds will play their move in the end in the first two rounds, after which they will act first in all the other rounds. This is something that brings dynamism to the gameplay. The fundamentals of position, however, will not change, and players must try to play more hands when they have a positional advantage over their opponents rather than when they don't. In a nutshell, try and avoid playing an excessive number of hands during the blinds or in an early position because having to act first in a round can be quite challenging since you are not aware of the other cards that opponents on the table possess. When betting in the blinds, employ extreme caution and resist the urge to put additional money into the pot just because you have previously done so. It is far wiser to let questionable hands go as opposed to calling raises with only a partial holding and playing the remainder of the hand out of position. Therefore, in general, you should play with fewer of the best beginning hands at later spots in the hand than you would in the early stages.

3. Betting Tips for the Pre-Flop

If your turn to make a move approaches before the flop, then you effectively have 3 options in front of you; raise, call or fold. Most players end up choosing the option to call- a strategy known as ‘limping in’. This means nothing but an indication that you wish to match the blind amount if nobody has made a raise in the amount before you. This is often considered to be a bad move because players should try and play aggressively upon entering a pot. If you decide to call in games like online poker or the 7-8 card game, then it is assumed that you are either playing with a weak set of cards or you are playing a strong hand in a manner that is too weak and can easily be overpowered. It is advisable for players to instead play a pumped-up strategy and raise the pot amount, or if you possess not-so-great cards, then it is a good idea to fold and look for an opportunity at a different table.
Some additional betting tips for players are as follows:
A. Do not be afraid to raise your bets if you are sure about your gameplay
B. Only limp if there are players that have limped before you and you possess the cards that are potentially strong.
C. Even if you don’t possess the best of cards, try to play aggressive to force the other players on the table to fold.


We hope that this article was able to give you a fair idea of the stages that take place at the inception of an online poker game. A pre-flop in poker is the stage where players take critical decisions that can either make or break your game, so having sufficient game knowledge and playing with a strategy can prove to be very helpful as the game continues.


1. What is pre-flop in poker?

The pre-flop is the first round of a poker game where the first hold cards are distributed to the players, and the blind amounts are set. It is the inception of a poker game.

2. How can I become a better poker player?

Proficiency comes with practice. Play more games and try to learn as much as you can from professional players. In time, with enough experience, you, too, can become a great player.

3. Should I fold in the pre-flop stage?

Keep in mind a set of hand ranges which you want to play your game with. If you receive your set of desired cards, play on. However, if you land up with bad cards, it is better to simply leave that game and start another one.

4. What are some bad strategies that will result in me losing poker games?

Some of the strategies that can lose you poker games are as follows:
A. Prematurely folding your hand
B. Not holding a poker face
C. Giving away your hands to an opponent by means of behaviour

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