A Beginner’s Guide to the Craps Card Game

A Beginner’s Guide to the Craps Card Game listed by Pokerlauncher for all online poker players in India Players like trying out a variety of online games, including the online Craps game. Learning and getting started is easy. Additionally, you may play the Craps card game for real money. It is beneficial to master the Craps rules and game strategy in the context of casino-focused games. Following that, you can understand whether you can enjoy and profit equally when you play Craps offline or online.
To clarify, online craps is a type of dice game. In this game, the dice are rolled, and the outcomes are subsequently bet on. It should be noted that understanding the lingo used in Craps is a key component of the game. It is crucial for players to base their Craps strategy on the accepted terms and regulations of the game. The online version of the Craps table casino game is a copy of the Craps casino game that is accessible on digital platforms. When playing Craps for real money, there may be a maximum of 16 individuals participating in the game. In this article, we shall be digging further into the game of craps and trying to understand how the game works, what are the rules and regulations of the game, the types of bets in the game, and how to win.

The topics that have been covered in this article are as follows:

1. How to Play the Craps Online Game?
2. Types of Bets in Online Games
3. Rules of the Online Craps Games
4. Conclusion
5. FAQ

1. How to Play the Craps Online Game?

On the online money-earning game of craps table, players take turns rolling the dice. The shooter is the individual who rolls. Notably, according to the Craps regulations, every player in a Craps game must place their stake on the same dice roll. The shooter at the online craps table keeps rolling until they score a losing seven. Both online for-free craps games and online craps casino platforms follow the same Craps rules. You would have two dice to roll with when playing Craps online. The online craps table often includes a green rug. The several kinds of wagers in the Craps casino game feature a field layout with numbers. One-roll betting and hard ways can be placed in the fields in the middle of the online craps table. For understanding purposes, you, along with other players on the table, would participate in the game in rounds in order to try and win at craps. One or more dice rolls may be made during each round.

2. Types of Bets in Online Games

Learning how you can play and win at Craps is crucial for new players at an online table. It should be noted that novice players might get better results by sticking to simple wagers on the Craps casino game. The basic categories of wagers that you may make when playing and winning at online craps are as follows:

A. One-Roll Bets

Field Bets
A player at a Craps table online who places this kind of single-roll wager will win if the upcoming roll is a 12, 11, 10, 9, 4, or 2. Craps beginners may find the field bet very handy because it has straightforward rules when playing the online game of Craps.

When a player makes this bet, several winning outcomes are possible. According to the Craps regulations, you can wager on a point number with a roll of 12, 11, 3, or 2 in the online game of Craps.

Any 7
This wager entails a set of dice numbers that, after a single roll, sum up to 7. These sorts may be seen in online Craps games like 3-4 or 1-6.

2 or 12
This form of wager entails placing a wager on the following roll producing a 12 (called boxcar) plus 2 (known as snake eyes). If the 2 or 12 appears on the following roll in an online casino game of craps, the player is known to have won the round.

Any Craps/ Three Way
The three-way occurs when the shooter rolls a 3, 2, or 12 on the Come Out roll.

B. Multi-Roll Bets

Come/ Don’t Come
Later on in the phases of free online Craps, the shooter may wager on "come" after rolling his dice. The shooter wins if he hits 7 or 11 and loses if he hits 2, 3, or 12. But if the shooter rolls a different number, you win that point, and if he repeats that pattern before rolling a 7, the come bet loses. The Craps rules in a "don't come" scenario are exactly the reverse, with the exception that the shooter ties on 12 but wins on 2 and 3.

Pass/Don’t Pass
When playing Craps at an online table, beginners can make these straightforward, low-risk bets during the opening phase. In terms of the Craps approach and rules, it is fairly comparable to the preceding sort of bet. A player who places a Pass bet can win or lose right away once the result is known.

Lay Odds
Compared to the other two choices, the bet type carries a little bit greater risk. However, gamers that play Craps online detect a little house advantage in this situation.

3. Rules of the Online Craps Games

There are a couple of rules and regulations that players need to follow when playing the craps game online.
a. A 7 or an 11 can be rolled naturally. According to the Craps regulations, this roll guarantees a win on Pass bets.
b. On the other hand, if a player rolls the digits 12, 3, or 2 in an online game, they automatically lose.
c. In an online game of craps, you lose the game if at you roll a 7.
d. A point number is established if any of the numbers have indeed been rolled out. If a player is able to roll a number before seven, you win.
e. In an online game of craps, rolling a 7 results in an immediate loss.
f. If a player rolls the specified "point" twice without receiving a 7, they can claim the win.


We hope that this article was greatly helpful to players in understanding what craps is all about and what are the different aspects of the game. Additionally, we hope that players take into consideration the various rules and regulations that the game demands to be followed.


1. Where can I play the craps online game?

There are many online websites that enable players to play craps online game. However, for games like online poker, Pokerlauncher is one of the many websites that players can make use of in order to play games and also get huge discounts.

2. Can I make money by playing the online game of craps?

Yes, there are a number of online venues that provide tournaments and allow players to take part in cash games, where they may pay to reserve a place in the game and get prize money if they win.

3. What are some of the other card games that players can try?

Some of the other card games that players can try are:
a. blackjack game
b. bluff card game
c. spades card game
d. spider solitaire 4 suits
e. solitaire game online
f. 3 2 5 card game
g. 3 Patti play online
h. call break online games
i. call bridge
j. rummy online

4. How can I get better at playing card games online?

Some of the ways that players may employ to win games include practicing the game every day, learning new methods and techniques to assure your victory, and also keeping up with the latest game theory and practices.

5. Is it really necessary to bluff when playing card games like poker?

Actually, no. The right time to bluff and the wrong time to bluff depends on the player. However, by confusing your opponents with a combination of bluffs and the truth, you can win more games quickly and with ease.

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