Top 6 Reasons for Losing Money in Poker Online

Top 6 Reasons for Losing Money in Poker Online listed by Pokerlauncher for all online poker players in India Poker online is a game in which the success or the failure of the player largely depends on their playstyle, experience, and the decisions that they make on the table. Rookies or newer players tend to lose more money because of their lack of knowledge about the game or the quick decision-making that they are unable to do on the best online money-earning websites due to a lack of practice and experience on the table. However, instead of just thinking that they’re bad at the game and quitting if players are able to somehow identify what their reasons for losing in games are, then it gets significantly easier for them to work on their weaknesses and get much better results the next time that they are on the free money earning sites against other poker players. We at pokerlauncher are here to help you with just that, and we bring to you six major reasons why players are losing games and money in poker rooms online, and maybe some of you out there will be able to identify the issues with your game after reading this article.

The topics we have tried to cover with this article are as follows:
1. Lack of Knowledge
2. Tilt Issues in Games
3. Thinking Ahead of the Game
4. Too Much Bluffing
5. Playing Out of Position
6. Bankroll Management
7. Conclusion
8. FAQ

1. Lack of Knowledge

Because poker demands skills and strategies, experienced players have an advantage in competing in a betting round. Due to their wisdom, expert gamblers who have spent numerous hours polishing their abilities make newcomers seem foolish in a gaming match. Being a novice implies that you are inexperienced in the game and lack sufficient exposure and experience. It is a major reason why newbies lose money in the game. While having a basic grasp is a fantastic place to start for any newbie, it will only get you out of danger. It will not assist you in winning bets. This does not mean that you cannot win; nevertheless, this may occur owing to a lucky streak or gambling with unskilled individuals. As a beginner, failing at poker games is nearly unavoidable, yet, you must continue to play in order to gain expertise and exposure. Consistent practice can help you improve your poker abilities, strategies, and understanding, allowing you to win more rounds in the future.

2. Tilt Issues in Games

Tilt is a condition of emotional or mental disorientation that leads to gambling using a less-than-ideal technique. Rounds using a less optimum approach have negative consequences. When players believe their betting results will result in a loss, they may get aggressive. Because of their inexperience, many newcomers fall into this group. Because of their incompetence, rookies frequently go on a rant. When they are on a tilt, they gamble aggressively, which causes them to lose a lot of money very quickly.

3. Thinking Ahead of the Game

Perhaps the desire or exhilaration of a possible victory causes rookies to enter a match without a strategy. This fundamental defect results in a loss of money during a betting round. Experts can win betting games because they are constantly three or more moves ahead of the competition. They anticipate their opponents' movements and arrange their own appropriately. Many inexperienced rookies behave on a hunch, which identifies them as such. Veterans are unique in that they make strategic judgments. If you desire to break out of the rookie trap and become a stronger poker player, you must develop the habit of planning ahead of time.

4. Too Much Bluffing

Novices will always remain novices, exhibiting underdeveloped sportsmanship. Because of the lack of competition, many newcomers assume they are superior at the game. They believe they are specialists because they have constantly won against novice players like themselves. It drives people to boast about their talents. When they confront true game masters, they are overconfident and bluff excessively. These gaming experts demonstrate to them who the true bosses are while making them lose money. Bluffing may be beneficial to a player if done strategically and only by professional and experienced gamblers. Bluffing too much, on the other hand, may be dangerous, especially for a newbie with minimal information and experience.

5. Playing Out of Position

When you play out of position, you are the first to act in a wagering round. You are currently out of position on just about any player who bets after you during that betting round. As a beginner with little exposure and expertise on trusted online earning sites, it would be advantageous if you did not bet out of position. It would be preferable if you had the added benefit of knowing your opponent's hands to assist you in acting. Because of their inexperience, many rookies who bet from out position lose. It is preferable to operate in position rather than gamble out of position. When you play in position, you become the last one to act, which allows you to understand all of your opponent's movements before putting your wager.

6. Bankroll Management

Knowing that your bankroll is equally as crucial as the earn real money game itself is essential while playing games. What many people are not aware of is that bankroll is additionally an asset that players make in games, and if invested appropriately, it may yield large sums of money that much outweigh the sum that players first spent. However, if it is not placed on the proper tables in the appropriate poker online games, players' losses might range from a portion of the deposit to the entire bankroll. The practice of regularly replenishing your bankroll and pouring everything into games that yield little to no returns indicates that gamers really aren't managing their money effectively. Another reason why an Indian online poker player's bankroll should be considered as an investment is that players exhibit much better gameplay when they recognize that every decision they make is precious and may have an impact on their game. If you establish the routine of calculating every single decision, you will make fewer mistakes and take calculated risks utilizing reference charts such as the 3 Patti rules chart and poker websites rankings charts, resulting in better gaming and, eventually, greater money.


We hope that this article was greatly helpful to players in identifying the mistakes that they perform in games and will assist them in correcting the same in order to ensure that there are as few faults as possible in their gameplay. Keep in mind that efficiency does not come overnight; it is an effort that is put in day after day to improve and perfect your gameplay over time.


1. Is online poker an easy game to play?

To prevail in some card games, players must master an overwhelming amount of rules or techniques. Poker, on the contrary hand, is a sport with well-defined rules, making it easy for newbies to grow comfortable. As a result, it counts as an easy game to play.

2. How many cards does a player get at the start of the game?

Each player starts the online poker game with a maximum of five cards, including communal and hole cards. The fundamental goal of each participant on the table is to utilize these five cards to produce the best possible five-card hand.

3. Where can I find the best website to game on?

Pokerlauncher is a platform that creates a listing of a number of the best online earning websites in the country. Furthermore, the website offers players some of the best rates and discounts on the most successful game rooms throughout India.

4. Is it really important to bluff in games?

No, it does not. The correct and wrong times to fake in a card game are determined by the player. You may, however, win more games quickly and easily by deceiving your adversaries with a mix of bluffs as well as the truth.

5. What are some of the other card games that players can try?

Some of the other card games that players can try are as follows:
a. Play rummy game
b. Blackjack online
c. Call break casino game online

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