Your new online poker destination: LYVE GAMES

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Online poker in India has been seeing an upward trend as more and more poker rooms are joining the party to offer the best experience to the the poker players out there. Not only they offer the best deals and top notch tournaments but also a significant rakeback.

The newest addition to the brigade is LYVE GAMES. It is one of the most creative, exciting and user-friendly Online Poker Websites in India. It is Creative because it focuses on fantastic graphics and presentation. It is Exciting because of the constant action provided on the platform in some form or the other. And it is User-Friendly because the platform is conceptualized and developed in-line with the latest technology.

Every player shall find something that suits his or her requirements and sensibilities. It may be gaming tutorials, promotions to suit personal need sand playing levels, and budget of games.

Currently, They are providing players with the following games:

1) Texas Hold’em

2) Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

3) Five Card Omaha

4) Short-Deck Holdem (Six-Plus Hold’em)

But that is not all. LYVE GAMES have joined hands with PokerLauncher, biggest aggregator of Online poker rooms in India that provides a rakeback in addition to the monthly winnings at the end of every month. When you Sign up on Lyve Games with Pokerlauncher ,you get up-to 40% rakeback and 100% sign-up bonus up-to Rs 300 exclusively.

You can also check out the clubs on LYVE GAMES :


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