Spartan Super Series concluded with bang with winners winning huge cash prizes!

Spartan Super Series has some pretty exciting events lined up for its players and the competition was at its peak when players united for money winning fest.


The 5-day event uncovered a lot of winners who took home lakhs worth of cash prizes.

Day 1 saw a total of 6 winners with humongous cash prizes. Their details are given below. We congratulate them on their victory.

Day 2 witnessed a total of 3 winners. Usernames are mentioned below:

Day 3 concluded with two players winning cash prizes worth 15 Lakhs.

Day 4 and Day 5 were evidently the most golden days of SSS as players were on a huge winning spree. Their username and winning amount is mentioned below.


Last but not the least SSS announced it’s head hunter and leaderboard winner. There couldn’t be any better ending to a fun-filled event.

Spartan Poker had some high stake events lined up for it’s players and you could be the one featuring in the leaderboard. Who knows! Sign up and Start Playing here


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