Spartan Present Mystery Thursday is an India centric online gaming hub that aims to bring the sophistication and quality of a world class online gaming platform to gaming enthusiasts in India. What they have to offer in terms of technology, software and service, to Indian players, is quite simply unprecedented.

What’s more, you can practice as much as you like; our play money tables provide the perfect training you’ll need to hone your poker skills to the point where they help you win large amounts of cash. If you are new to poker, or merely want to revise your poker knowledge, our Poker Tools section should provide you with all the theoretical understanding of poker terms, betting structures and strategies.

Spartan presents Mystery Thursday which goes live on 25th April. The GTD offered is 8 lacs with a buy-in of just Rs 4,400. But you must be wondering what the mystery is ? The mystery is that the player can re-enter the tournament with just half money i.e. 50% Rebuy. And with that the game just got even better.

It’s about time you brush up your poker skills and start playing. Visit Spartan Poker and Sign Up right away.


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