Responsible Gaming and Security: Poker sites in India

responsible poker gaming and security

Poker has always been a globally recognized sport. It has been a goldmine for casinos for years and would continue to do so in the coming years. The party came late to India as the tussle between petitioners and Poker activists continued in the court. As Poker gained legal status, more & more poker sites in India came up with innovations to improve the user experience to aspiring poker players.

Although the industry is still in it’s growing stage, the rise of premiere websites such as PokerBaazi & Spartan Poker has successfully established a significant user base as a concrete foundation for a bigger industry.

Let us discuss the factors based on which a poker site can be assessed whether it is credible or not:

  • Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is the need of the hour that aims to keep a check on the game and ensuring that it is operating under laws laid out by Govt. of India. The aim is to keep a check on any harmful side effects(if any). Though the websites haven’t encountered any illegal activities yet but backed up to countering any mishaps.

For example, all websites have restricted any poker players below the age of 18 to register. Additionally, KYC method has been set up to ensure the authenticity of the user.

Websites have payment gateways installed with additional layers of security to ensure secure transactions.

  • Security

Even with the progress been made, real money games are still accused of being rigged and manipulated. This is where all the safety measures come into play.

To play online poker in India, your identitiy documents pertaining to financial details aka PAN CARD must be shared with the poker sites for making online transactions. All Indian poker websites use SSL Security, an Internet Security Protocol typically used for user privacy, data authentication, and integrity in internet communications. 

In short, the most crucial aspects of a credible poker website include assurance of responsible gaming abiding by the laws, and protecting the user identity via Internet security measures such as SSL. Nowadays websites have upgraded the SSL security to TLS, which is the successor and advanced version.

In addition to this, Poker apps having a presence on Google Play Store must ensure timely updates to the apps for a smooth and stellar experience for the users. Additional features on websites like chatbots, avatar maker and easy access to communication details should add to the better user experience.

  • Diversification

As more and more biggies are joining the poker industry, the competition is bound to heat up in the coming times. The silver lining of a competitive market is churning out the best websites that would ensure a stellar experience and tons of safety measures in place while also offering exciting offers to the players.


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