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Spartan Poker presents PowerHouse July Edition. Spartan Poker has always put on priority the gaming experience of its players and the rewards they are being given each time they win. Following the same trend, Powerhouse July comes with an amalgamation of a few of the best grandest and rewarding events. The detailed timeline of events is given below:

  1. High Voltage Cash Edition: This is yet another combination of events such as Cash bomb, play max, a game of tickets and cash clock. So many promotions and little time. So hurry up and start playing now.

2. Spartan Royalty Program IOPC Edition: Spartan Royalty Program is a popular and much-loved cash promotion of Spartan Poker. Offering rewards like never before and boosting the spirits of spartan players, Spartan Royalty Program has become a famed cash promotion in the poker arena. In order to celebrate the zest of IOPC, Spartan Poker has introduced Spartan Royalty Program IOPC Edition. Now with Royalty Cash, you can avail up to 70% cash back weekly. Just Opt-in with the code “CASH” to relish the benefits of amazing cash backs.

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3. IOPC Main Event: The extravagance is going to take a new turn at Spartan Poker. The grandest event of the year is about to unfurl. With an aim to #MakeItBig Spartan Poker is proud to present the second edition of the Indian Online Poker Championship 2019. Starting from 14th to 28th July, IOPC July 2019 has brought some new surprises and amazing rewards to tempt the spartan players in every sense.

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