Myths busted around Online Poker in India

Online gaming has captured a substantial market in India in recent times and games like online poker are already topping the charts. Poker has broken the walls and is not just confined to Diwali parties and get-togethers. With the online space dotted with poker platforms, the one question on every player’s mind is – how safe is the online poker platform?

We have listed some points regarding how you can choose the best online poker platform that are safe and secure and suit your gaming needs.

What should one look for in a poker platform before deciding to play on it?

All genuine and safe poker platforms should have the Random Number Generator (RNG) certification as it comes as a kind of assurance that the only factor determining your chances of winning the game is your skill level. The RNG certification ensures that the cards dealt with you are completely random and no amount of mathematics or knowledge of probability can help you to determine what the next card dealt with you will be.

Can the RNG certification be rigged?

RNG certification ensures that the cards, die numbers, slot game symbols, feature game outputs, jackpot triggers are statistically random so that the system is not rigged in any way. In addition, popular online poker platforms like Spartan Poker have an RNG software that has been vetted and certified by Australia based iTech Labs, giving you the assurance that every card dealt is completely random with no chance of detecting a pattern or exploiting loops. This process can’t be rigged giving trust to the players that they are playing a fair game.

How will I get my winning corpus out of the system?

With big sums of money flowing in and out of the system, players need to be sure that their accounts are safe. To this end, award-winning Poker software creator Connective Games (CG) has created a fool-proof system to make sure that all the deposited money reflects in the player’s account and all payouts are routed through the bank account. This ensures that players can withdraw their well-deserved earnings whenever they want to.

Why do some poker platforms ask for KYC reviews?

A KYC review is an indication that the safety of your winnings is ensured as the documents that the platform asks for, such as a PAN card or any other identity proof, is taken after due verification. At Spartan Poker, a request for a cash payout is only made after due verification of the PAN card attached to the profile that makes the request. The payout itself, is made into a bank account attached to that PAN card making the transaction completely safe.

Bot Farms are becoming a major safety concern on the internet today. How can I make sure that the poker platform I play on is free from these?

Platforms like Spartan Poker attach a great deal of importance to player safety and have a system in place to ensure that Bots don’t interfere with the gaming application. They have a Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) which carries out random checks at tables to make sure there are no presence of bots at the table. Their security teams are on the lookout for accounts that violate policies and these are weeded out of the system and blocked with immediate effect. They also check for other forms of fraudulent activities like collusion and chip dumping, which invoke strict penalties.

Abusive and derogatory remarks over chats are another area of worry. Is there a system to control such players?

Chat abuse is also taken very seriously and players can be taken off for that with the chat banned. A complaint on email after verification of the same at the backend is enough to initiate penalty action. As additional safety measures for added safety, all communication regarding the account, such as username or password retrieval, or activation of DND, is made on the registered email address provided at the time of registration so prevent any form of misuse.

Is Poker legal? Why is it banned in so many Indian cities?

Even as poker is widely accepted as a game of skill, not a game of chance like betting, different states in India have different legalities around playing it for money. The seventh schedule of the Constitution of India gives the states the power to make laws on ‘betting and gambling’ and each State holds its own interpretation of whether the game of Poker falls under the ambit of the same or not. It is for this reason why some States like Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Telangana have banned poker while the rest of the country allows us to play it unabated!


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