As the whole world fights with coronavirus and lockdown are almost inevitable, who else can be your best friend other than a smartphone. As world depends solely on internet for all the tasks, be it official or recreational, poker websites have leveled up their game to provide the best experience so that players can play hassle-free and earn big bucks.

Khelo365 brings a wave of rewards with Monthly Tournament Leaderboard which would be running a whole month long.

This is all about consistency, maintaining the top position throughout the race, and craving your name on the finish line on the last day of the battle. The Player just needs to play the paid tournaments and accumulate points to stay on top of the Leaderboard.

The below Table Shows the Bonus Prices For the Respective Leaderboard Position.

1Rs.52,000 BM
2Rs.30,000 BM
3Rs.26,000 BM
4Rs.22,000 BM
5Rs.19,000 BM
6Rs.17,000 BM
7Rs.15,000 BM
8Rs.13,000 BM
9Rs.11,000 BM
10Rs.10,000 BM
11Rs.9,000 BM
12Rs.8,000 BM
13Rs.7,000 BM
14Rs.6,000 BM
15Rs.5,000 BM

Check the Points Structure below showing the Points you will get after you finish in the Respective places.

EXAMPLE: If you Play Rs.2200 Buyin Tournament and Finish at 2nd Place means you will get 70 points.

Note: In order to Get No.1 in the Leaderboard you need to Play and Win at top Position.

Rest Winners : First 10%15
Rest Winners : Next 20%10
Rest Winners : Then 30%5
Rest Winners : Last 40%2

You have Additional offer to get More Points called MULTIPLIERS,Check Below table for how it works.

Earned LBP will be Multiplied According to the tournament Buyin.

EXAMPLE 1 : If you Play the tournament with Buyin Rs.3300 and Finish at Top 1st position means you will get –
100 LB Points(1st Place) * 10(LBP Multiplier) = 1000 LB Points in the Leaderboard.

EXAMPLE 2 : If you Play the tournament with Buyin Rs.2200 and Finish at Top 3rd position means you will get –
50 LB Points(3rd Place) * 8(LBP Multiplier) = 400 LB Points in the Leaderboard.

Note : Inorder to Get No.1 in the Leaderboard you need to Play High Value Tournaments and Win at top position.

0.01 & Above1.00
Rs.22 & Above2.00
Rs.55 & Above3.00
Rs.100 & Above4.00
Rs.220 & Above5.00
Rs.600 & Above6.00
Rs.2200 & Above8.00
Rs.3300 & Above10.00

Signup on Khelo365 and start playing. Use code “PLSIGNUP” to earn upto 40% rakeback via PokerLauncher at the end of every month.


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