Khelo365 comes with even more advanced features

Excitement is at its peak at Khelo365 with the new advanced features and promotions that have been introduced on the website.

The time has finally come for you to look on the brighter side of poker life by laying your hands on the amazing offer that khelo365 is providing you.

Grab the deal now and boost up your poker career with a BANG. Let the winning do the talking while you sit back in your comfort zone and play poker.



Speed cashouts are the money that is credited to your bank account quickly so that you can withdraw the money for your personal use. Speed cash outs will be available on the six days of the week, i.e. from Monday to Saturday. And on Sunday’s the cash out will be processed once in the evening. The minimum cash out request to be qualified for Speed Cash outs is Rs. 2000/- and the maximum cumulative amount per day for Speed Cash Outs is 1 Lakh. Also, a player can make a maximum of 5 cash Out requests per day. The Speed Cash Out Slot starts from 10am to 6pm.

2. OMAHA 5 and OMAHA 6

This is a new variant that has been recently introduced at khelo365 for the players to help them play more efficiently but also more competitively. It is a derivative from the common Omaha game, except that the players are dealt with extra hole cards instead of the regular 4 hole cards. The best thing about Omaha 5 and 6 is that the players get the opportunity of hitting a stronger hand with the increase in the hole cards. Although the rules for the game remain the same as that of the normal Omaha game, it is also important to note that suited aces and kings losestheir value much more.


The Open Face Chinese Poker, also known as OFC is one of the most interesting variants available at Khelo365. Often, in a game of poker, the players are conscious about the high rake which will be charged by the server, but in terms of OFC at khelo365, we charge the lowest rake possible from the players so that the player will have their equal amount of the share that they truly deserve. 

The SNG tournaments also made available to the players while playing OFC, so that the players since most of the players prefer to play for a certain amount of time only. The SNGsare also a great opportunity for the new or inexperienced players who are still learning the fundamentals of the game.


The Daily Payback Rewards is the ‘CASH BONUS” that you earn for the amount of time and effort that you spend at Khelo365 Cash tables. You will also get the chance to win exciting instant bonuses. Accumulate your loyalty points and built your payback rewards. 

How to start it?

  • Every Daily Payback Rewards will start at 12:00 AM and end at 11:59 PM.
  • Players will be automatically eligible to participate in the promotion once they start playing on cash tables.
  • Prizes will be paid once the contest ends everyday.


Now play at Khelo365 and enjoy the benefits of getting your 50% rake back daily. The 50% rake back is a BIG deal for the players when it comes to poker, and we understand that the players do not always have sufficient amount to be playing on HUGE rakes, which is why we have decided to give you the 50% of our share. 

Enjoy the true benefits of being a poker player now only at


  1. Speed Cash Outs
  2. Windfall Tournaments
  3. Ticket Unlocker Bonus
  4. Daily payback Rewards
  5. Kickstarter 4L
  6. Freeroll Poker Tournaments India
  7. 50% rake back.

Sign up on Khelo365 using promocode PLMAX to get additional rakeback upto 20% at the end of every month.


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