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Spartan Poker has always been known to bring the grandest and most attractive cash promotions. This time is not any different as Spartan brings to you High Voltage Cash Edition with an electrifying bunch of cash promotions. HVCE is an amalgamation of few of the best cash promotion events from spartan poker. The timeline and details of each event are described below:

1. Cash Bomb

Starting from 1st July and valid till 31sy July, there will a whopping 12 cash drops daily worth Rs 3333 each. Cash drops to be held from 10 AM TO 10 PM.

2. Play Max: A cash promotion in which a giveaway of Rs 20,000 will be held daily from 22nd July to 28th July.

3. Game of Tickets (GOT): Spartan Poker is giving away around 1+CR GTD tournament tickets. This promotion is till 31st JULY. For more information visit https://www.spartanpoker.com/poker-promotion/game-of-tickets-june

4. Cash Clock: These are the cash promotions for the stakes of 25/50 & 50/100. Spend a particular amount of hours playing on a table and you’ll n=be rewarded with cash accordingly. Valid from 7th to 28th July. 3 Lakhs cash reward at stake.

We know that you are as excited as us after getting to know about these promotions. So Hurry and Sign Up. The clock is ticking fast. Don’t miss the chance.


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