Effective Online Poker Strategies



Afraid of playing Poker? Facing stagnation? On the lookout for something better? Want to improve your Poker skills? We understand playing Poker can be rewarding but tricky at times. It’s not just a game with a bunch of cards floating around! One needs skills, countless hours of practice and of course a stroke of luck when need be.
Here are some effective online Poker strategies to make you a better Poker player. Novice to Professionals, we’ve got it all covered!

  1. Don’t play every hand
    One of the biggest mistakes beginners make while playing is staying with a bad hand, to continue to be the part of the action. But playing longer doesn’t equate to winning more, instead, it increases the probability of you, losing more! If you find yourself stuck in half or more of the hands you’ve dealt, we think it’s time you need to upgrade your starting hand requirements.
  2. Bet size
    Poker is about real money! Don’t just play for the sake of impressing someone! Keep in mind who your opponents are! Be a learner, an observer while playing and even if you had a super good night, keep yourself from the urge of raising your bet to the point where you lose confidence in yourself and go down the hill.
  3. Bluffing 
    Beginners understand that bluffing is a part of poker but not exactly how!  There’s is no rule that one must bluff a certain amount or at all during a poker game, but many players don’t feel like they’ve won unless they’ve tried a poker bluff. Bluffs only work in certain situations & against certain people, and if you know a player always calls to the showdown, it is literally impossible to bluff that player. It’s better never to bluff than to bluff “just to bluff.”
  4. Take your time getting familiar!
    Instead of diving in head-first and observing while learning will help acquaint the novice with many of the unique aspects of online poker. One such aspect that differs from live poker is the large number of hands one sees per hour. In comparison, the hands one sees in online Poker is usually double than the ones observed at a live table and the numbers can be overwhelming at times for novices. Hence, patience is key!
  1. Check your environment
    Without the constraints of sitting at a physical table in a casino, many online players fall into the trap of finding ways to fill the time in between hands. Typically, this involves diversions such as watching television, talking on the phone or surfing the web. These distractions will often cause a player to make a mistake, either by playing a hand poorly or missing out on information that could assist them in future situations.
  2. Don’t worry about playing a “Balanced style”
    If someone tells you that you have to play a “balanced style” of poker in large-field small stakes poker tournaments, laugh and walk away. While you have to do this higher up the poker food chain, you are highly unlikely to come up against the same players ever again in a field of 3,000-10,000 foes, so you can be as unbalanced as you wish.
  3. Be realistic
    Once you’ve ascertained that you’re a winning poker player, it’s time to begin trying to figure out how many hands or tournament you’ll need to play in order at least to match your previous salary. Here’s where many people fail. When you have a salaried job, you are usually paid on the same date every month regardless of how productive your week or month is (within reason). Here you are your own boss and you’re in control of what and when is to be done in order to maintain the standard you’ve achieved.
  4. Take advantage of online poker deals sites!
    Playing for the first time comes with much apprehensions, especially the fear of losing money! In this game, you win some or lose some! But what if you could save some each time you played a hand? Each poker room takes a set commission from the pot which is mandatory! Online sites like PokerLauncher offers rakeback a.k.a cashback of the Poker world! Signing up on such platforms allows you to take advantage of the deals and coupons which could increase your winnings exponentially! All it takes is signing up and playing via their platform. They offer the best and premier Indian online Poker sites!Hope this article helps you in your lucrative endeavors in the world of online Poker!
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