DAILY FIESTA OMAHA 5 & 6 – Khelo365

omaha 5 6

Khelo365 has always been an innovative player in the poker industry and proving it for yet another time It brings Omaha Fiesta.

By introducing to you the Daily Fiesta Omaha 5&6, we will reward you accordingly to your Loyalty Points. The more you play, the more your LBP will keep on increasing. You now have your chances of winning up to 50% instant bonuses just by being a regular player.

It’s not always about winning, but experiencing and learning more with every play, and although you might seem to lose on the table, you don’t have to worry anymore, since your loyalty points will keep moving forward with every play.

“Time is money”, and here at Daily Fiesta Omaha, you will truly understand what that phrase means. With more time you spend playing on the tables at khelo365, the more bonus you will receive.

Sign up on Khelo365 via PokerLauncher and get upto 20% additional rakeback at the end of every month. Use code : PLMAX to avail this offer


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